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My Click Bait Two Player Games For Valentines Day

Within the boardgame world you will start to see posts (written and video) and forum threads about two player games couples can play on 14th February or Valentines Day as it is more commonly known.

Boring! Another cliched trope, that I’m bored with. 

All you need if you are set on the idea of playing games with your partner on Valentines Day is your own common sense. Oh and the desire to crush your partner.

Yep play a game where you can destroy them, and shout angry lines at them like “in your face!” or “that’s two to the face”. 

Star Realms and now it’s fantasy version Hero Realms are fantastic for this. Inexpensive, quick to learn and play, these deck builders are great fun. But very in your face. And there is nothing more satisfying than pulling off those combos and smacking your loved one for lots of damage to their health/authority.

In fact White Wizard Games publish another game if you want that more Magic the Gathering experience called Epic Card Game. Epic is a little bit more complicated, but does offer more variety in play modes. It’s still inexpensive, and unlike Magic you are playing with big feck off monsters straight from turn one.

Mind you, you could go for Magic Duel decks if you want that exact Magic experience. These come as two decks, that are “balanced”. They save you the time of deck construction, and the expense of having lots of Magic cards.

I have two more for you that continue the true theme of Valentines Day of crushing your partner, before having angry make up nookie.

Next up Kemet. Such an aggressive game. It’s attack, attack, attack. Ancient Egypt hasn’t been more violent. Yes like the next game, isn’t a pure two player game. But is still fun as a two player game. 

Finally play as giant monsters duking it out over who is King of Tokyo. Such a fun game. Not too expensive, less than £30 iirc. Quick to setup, learn and play. Rolling those claws and laying the smackdown down on your opponent. So satisfying. Plus it’s the law that you have to shout aggressively “in your face!”

Well that’s my click bait recommendations for you to play on one of the most fake and commercial days of the year. Seriously why the feck are you thinking of just playing games with your partner on this cheesy day? Why aren’t you doing it all year round? Spend that “quality” time with them. Ask them what they want to do, find out what their favourite game is and play that instead of listening to me and other internet folks.

But hey if you are crazy enough to listen to me, don’t blame me if your evening ends up as one big train wreck.

Hot List Q1 2016

So continuing my hot list posts I make predictions on the games I think are going to be hot that quarter of the year.

My first prediction is more wishful thinking than knowing it will hit the stores this quarter. All I know is that Games Workshop have said they are bringing back Bloodbowl in 2016. I have fond memories of playing this game while I was studying down in Brighton, and my friend Chris painting one or two of the metal figures for the game. Inparticular he did an amazing job on one of the Minotaur players.

The next big Eric Lang game hits in March to the Kickstarter backers in March if all things go to schedule. I went all in on this game! So I'm expecting a massive box of cool stuff arriving.

I know the T.I.M.E. Stories expansion A Prophecy of Dragons hits the shelves of stores this week. But still I think for fans of the game this is going to be a must buy.

Finally FFG should be releasing a new Star Wars miniatures game (they don't have the licence for boardgames based on the IP) this quarter. What we can guarantee is that it will have the usual high quality production values that FFG are renown for. Will it be a good game or great game, we won't know until we great our hands on it. But it will sell well for sure.

What games do you think will be hot this quarter?


The wallet is going to hurt next week

New Dead of Winter Promo

Plaid Hat Games have just released an exclusive promo character Roberta Plum to their site.

Hopefully you will see some embedded video below.

Look who's coming home for the holidays…

Posted by Plaid Hat Games on Friday, 23 October 2015

You can purchase Roberta Plum Here for a bargain $5.95 plus shipping (which to the UK is just over $6)

Now I just need to arrange a game session with the Fenland Gamers.

Next week

  • The reprint of Fury of Dracula from Fantasy Flight Games hits the shelves of your FLGS with a rrp of £49.99. Which is a damn sight cheaper than the game has been going while it has been out of print.
  • The two player game 7 Wonders Duel also hits the stores at a bargain £19.99.
  • Coup Rebellion G54 (rrp £24.99) and One Night Rebellion (rrp 19.99) also add to the pressure on your wallet next week.
  • The submarine hunt/evade game designed by a British Navel Officer (if I remember this correctly) They Come Unseen sinks your battleship at £39.99.
  • Finally for this rather strong batch of releases Survive Space Attack! Joins them also at £39.99.
  • Update: forgot to add Game of Thrones Risk. Not sure of the rrp iirc its around £40.

Apart from the two I already have the others are all on my wish list.


Autumn and Winter Hotstuff 2015

I did one of these style posts for the first time a the start of the Summer if my poor memory hasn't let me down. So I thought I'd give it another go of talking briefly about the new games coming out between now and this side of Christmas that have caught my eye.

  • Another deluxe expansion for Android Netrunner called Data and Destiny hits the stores mid October. This one gives some love to NBN and three new none faction runners. There are lots of spoilers out there for this expansion already because FFG sold some early copies to those lucky enough to get to GenCon. There is also a new data cycle starting also, this one is called The Mumbad Cycle. This cycle brings to life another part of the Android universe the Indian Union.
  • Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn just made this list because it officially comes out on the 18th I believe, plus I have it already! But still I'm very excited about this game.
  • Epic card game is due out late September/October. By White Wizard this is another of their everything you need to play in a single affordable box. This time we get a fantasy themed game that supports two to four players in a draft based magic type card game. It has been getting some good buzz (lucky really because I backed it on kickstarter, and my copy is on its way), will it be as popular as Star Realms?
  • 7 Wonders Duel, the two player 7 Wonders themed card game.
  • Thunderbirds the boardgame. A co-op game by Matt Leacock based on the popular puppet TV series of the same name. You play as various members of International Rescue trying to foil the schemes of The Hood. Luckily I backed this one on Kickstarter, so I don't have to worry about if I can get a copy.
  • Fury of Dracula. This reprint/update by FFG will fly off the shelves. The previous printing has been going for silly money on the net, so when this was announced the market adjusted a little (downwards), although there was all of a sudden a rush of copies being sold trying to capture the old silly prices. This is a hidden movement game where one player is the count himself while the others are trying to track him down and stop him.
  • Risk Game of Thrones. Two maps based on Westeros, Game of Thrones theme, Risk. The whole product looks stunning. I'm looking forward to getting this.
  • Imperial Assault will be getting another big expansion called Return to Hoth, plus more Villians and Allies packs. It still seems like the Rebels are being under represented.
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1. Another Matt Leacock game this one co-created with the designer of Risk Legacy. It's Pandemic with a legacy element. Which maybe a too basic description but should give you a good idea about the game. The game takes place over a year, with the board etc changing during and between plays. I'm hoping that the Fenland Gamers will be up for playing this.

Also keep an eye out for AGES coming to Kickstarter, along with Lunarchitecs the space themed version of Glen More also hitting it.

I hope the above have given you some ideas of something to try. I'm definitely excited about getting and playing them.


Summer 2015 Hot List Predictions

Below is a list of games and expansions I think will be “hot” over the Summer months. These are all being released and available (allegedly – delays do happen for whatever reason) between now and September. I'll do a new one of these types of posts then with what I think will be “hot” for the Autumn and Winter.

Naturally it will be safe to assume one or two of these will end up in my collection ^_^

  1. Star Wars Imperial Assault Twin Shadows Expansion
  2. Star Wars Imperial Assault Ally & Villians Packs: Boba Fett, C3-PO & R2-D2, Kayn Somos
  3. Five Tribes The Artisans of Naqala Expansion
  4. Ghostbusters the boardgame
  5. Legendary Encounters Predator
  6. Alien v Predator: The Hunt Begins boardgame
  7. Bang! The Dice Game: The Walking Dead
  8. Machi Koro Millionaires Row Expansion

Hopefully this have given you some ideas, maybe alerted you to something you had missed was coming out. What do you think will be hot? What are you looking forward to buying and playing over the Summer?

UPDATE 2/6/2015: How could I miss off the list Magic the Gathering the board game?! It really should be on this list as well