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House Keeping

Yesterday was a punching out cardboard and sleeving day when my Kickstarter copy of Tiny Epic Kingdoms 2nd Edition and Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes expansion arrived.

Ok the punching out cardboard was very minimal. A handful of small tokens in both boxes. However having over bought the sleeves previously I had more than enough of the larger clear sleeves to sleeve the larger boards used by the game. But my earlier mistake means my games are fully sleeved. Which makes me happy.

While writing about Tuesday's four player Star Realms game it got me thinking I really should get Colony Wars, and while I'm at it enough sleeves to sleeve them. Plus I thought as an exercise in futility I'd try looking for an official playmat in the UK.

Cheapest I found on the playmat front was £34. These mats should not be more than £17. Why Esdevium the UK distributor doesn't make these easier to get is so puzzling to me.

Luckily my hunting around found a playmat in Germany that with postage worked out at £23. Not ideal but a damn sight more palatable than the UK prices.

With what appears to be such poor support in the UK by Esdevium for the very popular Star Realms, it does make me very concerned for the Epic support.

Wild Speculation Section…

About a couple of months ago now(?) The Dice Tower and Nick of Board Game Brawl parted ways. The official explanation given by Tom Vasel was a “difference in online presence” or words to that affect, and amicable.

It is no secret that there was a feud between Nick and Richard Ham (Rahdo on YouTube). I think it was all over some comment Rahdo made about a video Tom made, and Nick sprung to his defence. You know the usual interweb spat sort of thing.

Now this is pure speculation I have no real evidence for this, I'm just adding two and two together and getting five.

However now that Nick is no longer part of the Dice Tower network, all of a sudden Rahdo is now turning up on the network. Is this just a coincidence? Is this the real reason Nick left? Were their differences from said spat so unsolvable that the Dice Tower network wasn't big enough for both of them? Was a small time delay made before Rahdo started appearing on purpose to try and avoid this sort of crazy talk?

Maybe I am jumping to wild conclusions and seeing conspiracy theories where there are none. But hey it does look fishy when you only know not even half the story.