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New Arrivals, New Arrivals (Jan15)

The payday splurge has happened!


Last Wednesday I finally found a shop in the UK that had Tiny Epic Kingdoms in stock. Which was very lucky because Friday when I went back to check that I hadn't imagined it and done a pre-order, it was out of stock. When it arrived this morning and I opened it, it did seem slightly unreal that I actually had a copy. Then I had a little epiphany (yeah I know I don't have these moments very often, self awareness, contemplation is over rated), I like the thrill of the chase, the hunt, call it what you like. But the harder a game is for me to get the more I want it! It's a character flaw for sure. But the excitement and euphoria of that moment of finding a copy of the game (especially at the retail price or less) after weeks or months of hunting.
Back in the early nineties I was in London for work, and somehow ended up at the Virgin Megastore and in its comic department. There behind the counter hanging on the wall was the 1977 KISS Marvel Special. This was the first ever dedicated comic book to the group ( their first appearance had been in the Howard the Duck comics), to mark this monumental occasion the group had some of their blood mixed into the ink that the comic was printed with. I'd been after this comic for years. Well I'm a big KISS fan, and a comic book fan, so this was like the perfect comic for me. When I saw it there behind the counter, I knew I had to have it. I just went up to the counter spoke to the member of staff the following words “I'll take the KISS comic please”. I didn't even ask how much it was. The price was irrelevant to me. I handed over my bank card to pay, I don't remember hearing the assistant say a price, I remember signing the authorisation slip (this was way before chip and pin had been introduced), I never looked at the amount, I was focused on the comic. I finally had it, and couldn't wait to get home to read it. I seem to remember from the bank statement that the object of my desire had cost me ¬£40.
Another example of this addiction also involves KISS and comic books but while I was in my final year of my HND at Brighton Polytechnic. As I mentioned above the groups first appearance was in the Howard the Duck comics. I was under the impression that appearance was in issue eight of the comic. So when I bought that comic from I think it was Forbidden Planet if I remember correctly, I was disappointed when I read it back in my room that KISS were not in it. But I knew they were in one of the issues. So I did the only thing I could at the time (remember this was before the internet). I started at issue one of Howard the Duck and bought all the issues in its thirty two issue run. I knew that way I would get the issue I wanted. It turned out their appearance was spread over two issues (I can't remember the issue numbers), but it was the last panel of one issue and the first couple of pages of the following issue. A side affect of this hunt was I became a big Howard the Duck fan (and yes I'm excited about the new comic, and was delighted with his cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy).
It was like this with the game Space Hulk. I'd wanted to get a copy to play with Nath, but it was out of print, copies were going for stupid money on eBay and Amazon. But I kept looking, trying to find a bargain, or to be more honest a reasonable price I could justify. If Games Workshop hadn't done the reprinting last year, I was a month or two away from caving and paying the extortionate prices being asked for the game. Even then the buying of the reprint was a roller coaster of a ride. Games Workshop announced the reprinting at a weekend, and had sold out on their site within hours before I could order a copy. My only hope was if The Rift were going to get any copies. Luckily they were and I was able to get one.
Sometimes I do feel that companies exploit people like me with this character flaw. At least I am aware I have it, and try to not let it rule my life.
The other two games I got Bang the Dice Game and Cash and Guns 2 are both light games for groups. I've not played Bang the Dice Game, but it's had great reviews. Cash and Guns 2 Nath and I got a chance to play this at Eurogamer last September and we really enjoyed it.

Comic Books

I don't think I've spoken about comic books before on here. I tend to buy trade backs these days. I can't afford to relapse. I was an addict.
I owe getting these four to a conversation between a couple of friends on Facebook (thanks Steve and James). They were talking about how good Alex + Ada was, and how the trailes for Ex Machina reminded them of this comic book. So I thought I'd give it a try. You know what Amazon is like with its “others also bought” or “you may like this also”. Well I'd been looking at Sex Criminals and Saga on and off, the reviews were pretty good for both, so I thought I'd give them a go finally. Deadly Class looked interesting too, so that was added to the give it a try list for this time. I'll do a post about these once I've read them.


Amazon Prime let me down (and they will be paying for that later, usually in the form of extending my Prime membership by a month – it's worth complaining) by not deliverying the first volume of the Minifgure Customisation book. However volume 2 did arrive as the DK Lego Star Wars The Dark Side book. Can you tell why I bought this? Yep the minifigure of the Emporer. I'll let you try and guess the first photo I'm going to do with him is, you will find out soon enough.
So wow an interesting mixed bag of arrivals today. I hope you have liked this post. It kind of ended up slightly different to what I imagined it would when I thought I'd blog about the new arrivals.