Cards hate me

After yesterday it’s the only conclusion I can come to. 

In the Fenland Gamers it’s a running joke for games like Memoir ’44, Dark Moon, that Jonathan rolls badly. I’m usually the anti-Jonathan in those games and roll really well. Sometimes unbelievably well. It was the same when I played Dice Masters. Dice love me!

But the evidence yesterday is cards most certainly don’t.

Yesterday saw the 2017 Android Netrunner Store Championship for my FLGS The Hobbit Hole. It was probably the best attended event for Netrunner at the shop that I’ve been to with ten participants. Up for grabs alt art cards, deck boxes, play mats and a by at the regionals.

I’d spent an hour before going building/tweaking my two decks. Nothing like last minute adjustments. I was trying to fit in some of the cards from the latest data packs.

Due to numbers we were due four rounds of swiss followed by a cut for the top four who would then play for the top spot.

But there was a “grudge” match also going on. There were three members of the Critical Twits podcast taking part. Two of them, Aaron and Brian were competing for bragging rights, having been coached by Jo and Jamie (more seasoned players). 

The day started off so well. I was playing Chris, and our first game had me running. My rig was working. Chris wasn’t rezzing any ice. I was jumping into servers using blackmail and making it appear like I had hundreds copies of the card with Deja Vu and Same Old Thing. Much to Chris’s frustration. He hated those cards. Especially when afterwards you can trash one of his nice advanced unrezzed ice by playing En Passant.

Our second game was in hindsight a gentle indication for how the rest of the day would go. I was tagging Chris but not getting to my cards that would allow me to make use of those tags. But our game went to time and Chris got a timed win. 

My second round was against Jo from the Critical Twits podcast. His Max and keyhole  deck just took my NEH to bits. It was really a joy to watch it happening. I wasn’t landing tags, or if I did they weren’t around long enough for me to use them. I was just spellbound with the beauty of this Anarch deck.

Our second game saw his Jenteki deck just tear me a new one. It was a nasty, horrid experience. Trashing cards was stupidly expensive. And Jo kindly put me out of my misery quickly. 

The third round was against some-one called Tom. 

Our second game saw my NEH deck fail to keep any tags around. But it did reduce the only agenda scored by Tom down to a point. The game went to time again, with Tom winning by that single agenda point.

My final match of the swiss was Brian from the Critical Twits.

I ran first, it seemed evenly match for a while. I think I had four agenda points to six, when Brian removed my two blackmails from the heap. I was wishing I played three at this point. Which I may well do. I know the card I can take out to make room for it. But now I needed the funds to go in and steal agendas. I’d ignored Brian’s scoring server because he hadn’t advanced the card sitting behind it. Then he installed over it. Not enough cash to get in. One more turn was needed. Sadly it wasn’t going to come. Brian scored the final points he needed for the win. 

One piece of ice was all I drew in our second game, and that was a pop up window! I was just unable to stop Brian stealing the agendas he needed to win. All my ice, cool ambush cards etc never got drawn. I had two booms in hand! Brian felt guilty winning this game. But the cards really did hate me in this game.

Brian actually made the top 4. While Aaron was at the bottom with me. Our only prizes were two copies of the alt art pad campaign (must get that third to make a set).  However we did get a pity deck box each. Kindly given to us from two of the top eight winners. 

Before I left I did give Brian some advice on how to be a bad winner (not that I’ve had a lot of practice) to Aaron.

So my final score was 1 win, 7 losses.

A fun day playing Netrunner. What more could you ask for?

Well Nan not having a bad back. When I got back home Nan had been suffering with a bad back. Which was not helped by my little terrors Nico and Loki jumping all over her. They like to play their version of a territory boardgame over prime snuggling positions.

With Nan ill I was unable to use her dog sitting services to allow me to play the prolog for Seafall in the evening. 

So that was my Saturday. Lady Luck left me, just to prove that cards hate me. 

5 thoughts on “Cards hate me

  1. Changing the subject slightly,

    I see you play Memoir ’44. Now it’s common knowledge certain expansion packs are fairly rare or well sought after. One of these is the Air Expansion pack. Do you have it?

    I started collecting the game last summer (2016) and I currently own two base games and the Equipment Expansion pack. In time I’d like the Mediterranean and Eastern Front expansions and ultimately I’d like the Pacific and Air expansion packs but realistically I can’t see me getting them as they are so expensive.

    Would you know anyone who has the complete Air Expansion Pack for sale at a more affordable price?

    Happy gaming,

    Martin (PCofTQY)

    1. Martin,
      I don’t have it. I have just the base game. The D-Day anniversary pack, campaign book vol 2, and the book about tactics.
      My friend Jonathan has more or less everything. So we usually play with his stuff.
      I’m Not aware of anyone selling any Memoir stuff at the moment.
      I do like the game, plus I enjoy the other games based around the system like BattleLore

      1. My biggest problem is remembering all the rules to the ever expanding number of games I’ve put together in under 12 months.

        It didn’t take me too long to learn the Memoir 44 base game rules thanks to You Tube videos. But my daughter bought me the Equipment Expansion for Christmas and I’ve still yet to learn the new additional rules relating to the new playing pieces. It’s only going to get harder with every new expansion I get…

        We appear to have horses for courses in this house too.

        My wife is clinical at most forms of normal Monopoly and the dice appear to like her too.

        I have the edge with Monopoly Star Wars and Grand Prix (by GMT Games) but this might be short lived once the others have got their strategies worked out.

        Although I have a firm strategy for Star Wars Risk, my younger daughter (25) has the most luck with the dice. She also comes out on top when playing Risk Battlefield Rogue too.

        My daughter’s friend Jenna and I are equally matched at Memoir 44. No-one else in the family fancies playing it.

        Sadly I’m the only one who fancies playing Axis and Allies 1942 Special Edition so it has only been played solo no more than a couple of times.

        Of course there will be exceptions but generally we have a good idea who is better at each game.

          1. To be honest Darren, no I haven’t. Probably one of the first moves I should have done as I visited BGG immediately upon opening Star Wars Risk and Grand Prix (GMT Games).

            I will take a look.

            Cheers for the suggestion,

            Martin U.
            Torquay, UK

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