By the numbers stats for April 2016

So has it been a month already? Wow time flies these days. Without further ado let's look at my gaming stats for April.

Surprisingly I've only played in three places this month. With the majority of my game playing taking part on club nights.

This month we didn't make much progress with Pandemic Legacy for one reason or the other. Which is reflected in the number of plays, and the lack of Monday night gaming.

Fluxx in one theme or the other would be the most played game of the month with nine plays if my maths is correct.

As the vanilla graph shows I got a greater variety of games to the table, but there were less plays. I think if our Pandemic Legacy sessions hadn't been disrupted as much (and it's not going to improve for May due to one of the team taking a holiday for two weeks!) the number of plays would have been closer to the incredible March target.

Now let's try something new for these posts and pick the best and worst game I played during the month.

Best Game For April

Ok this has to Scoville. So much to love about this game. Great theme, the blind auction for turn order, set collection, hidden information. It looks amazing, lovely wooden chillies. Yeah, this has to be my game of the month for sure, no argument about it. This will be in my collection at some point. In the meantime I can't wait until Jonathan brings this to the table, or for him to get the new expansion.

Worst Game For April

I don't think the will be a surprise to regular readers of the blog when I say Caverna. The whole experience was a nightmare. Go read the blog post about it. It wasn't the games fault, and I'm sure once I've been taught it properly (on Jonathan's todo list) I'll like the game.

So that was the month of April by the numbers.


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