Last night I met Tom a fellow Ashes player (although he’s doing much better than I in getting games and deck building).

I’m not going to give too much away about cards in our decks. After all these are most likely going to be our tournament decks for the upcoming tournament at The Hobbit Hole on the 23rd (details can be found by selecting the menu option at the top of the page).

Our first match up was my hastily thrown together Aradel deck vs Tom’s Jessa deck.

We played a couple of games of this match up but I didn’t have anything that could counter Tom’s plan. Which he executed really well. It locked up half my battlefield at times. I needed a better way to handle this situation but what? It’s back to the cards looking for a solution I can include.

I made no changes between the two games because you need to play a deck at least a couple of times to even have a remote idea what needs changing.

Our next match up was Aradel vs Dimona.

I have to admit I was tempted to build a deck around Dimona. But I liked the idea of comboing Aradels ability with the natural dice ability. 

The third game went the same way as the first two with me crashing and burning, despite a tweak to the deck that I had made.

Before our what was to be final game of the evening I adjusted my deck once more taking into account advice Tom had given me. I adjusted my first five and played them to plan. The surprising thing was I played my first five to the plan described by Tom, but he didn’t! Plus he had first player advantage. Curious was Tom taking pity on me?

With that tweak and great start I was able to get my only win of the evening.

I have a better idea about how to play my deck, and how to play in general.

Although I’m tied up a lot next week with having to be ruthless as I take a trip down memory lane. Tom and I are hopefully getting one more play in before the tournament on the 23rd. Which I’m looking forward to. Could this be the start of a local meta? 

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