BTN November 2016

Wow another month gone, and we are now into the home straight to Christmas and the New Year.

But what did last month look like?

I played some great games this month. Out of the twenty games played in November, twelve of them were games that I played for the first time. That’s amazing, the percentage is normally much lower than that.

Life certainly made an impact on the number of chances I had to play games this month. But it didn’t stop the games played from being more substantial, more meaty affairs. And it was nice to be able to get those more complicated, more thoughtful games to the table.

My Game of the Month

I think this can be only one game this month. It had amazingly strong competition from the likes of Kemet, T.I.M.E. Stories, Cry Havoc and Covert. But in the end it could only be Scythe. One game wasn’t enough, we had to play a second straight away. Scythe really did live up to the hype. I’m just hoping that Sunday after playing The Others that there will be time to get a three player game of Scythe in as well.

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