BTN Jan 2017

It’s a new month and you know the pattern by now, it’s time to look at the numbers for the previous months gaming.

I find it hard to believe that I have been logging my games using the excellent Board Games Stats app on my iPhone now for over a year. What started out as an exercise to act as a potential early warning system for the signs of depression, has now become an addiction in itself!

January continued the growing theme of playing longer games. I’d like to say meatier, more challenging, or involved. But I wouldn’t place Zombicide or The Others in that category. They are light, fun, games. But they can tie up an afternoon playing. Which they did last month. If you look at the time logged against those two games and T.I.M.E. Stories, thats fourteen hours of gaming between those three games. So yes I could have played more games, and had more plays than I did. But I’m glad that I’m getting a chance to play these bigger games.

Although last month did kind of end on a whimper on the gaming front due to life stuff. Not mine I should point out, I’d need a life first. But still it would have meant that the stats would be slightly better. However it never happened, so no point crying over spilt milk. Well unless it’s Leto’s Joker that is just unforgivable.

Comparing January 2016 to January 2017 is interesting. I played the exact same number of games. Slightly less plays, and it would also appear I was less sociable, because I played with less people this year, and in half the locations.

Plus looking back at the games played in January 2016, I’m thinking “oh must get that back to the table” for several of the games. Which year had the better games played for January? Thats a close call. Too close I think. I might give it by the slimmest of margins to 2017.

Looking at the graph the trend still looks to be down. But as I have pointed out above the graph doesn’t really tell the true underlying story. Less games and plays, but bigger more time consuming games played instead.

My Game of the Month…

This is a hard decision this month. I’ve played seven games for the first time this month. They have been good games, games that I would play again. But good enough to snatch the much coveted title “Game of the month”? I’m going to go with Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game. This rethemed, and slightly tweaked version of Zombie Dice was a version of the game I really enjoyed.

Worst Game of the Month…

There isn’t one game I played in January that would warrant being placed in the Nantucket Wing of Shame.

And so onto new sections to By The Numbers.

Hopefully hitting the table in February…

  • Inis – I’ve just got this and definitely biting at the bit to play this. Will it live up to the hype?
  • Santorini – I think this will be a Costa Gaming session. This beautiful looking game is also just in, but it needs an audience to look on and admire it while it’s being played!
  • Kemet – I’ve finally got all the Cyclades minis to go with the C2K expansion, so yes I want to play the game with more monsters to buy!!
  • Scythe – why wouldn’t I want to get this to the table? It’s my game of 2016!

Fenland Gamer Events for February (so far)…

  • The monthly meetup (next Wednesday)
  • T.I.M.E. Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons (full booked)
  • Friday Evening Gaming At The White Lion Hotel or FEG@WL

If you are in the area and want to attend one of the events, please visit the Fenland Gamers Facebook page for further details about the event.

So that’s January 2017.


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