BTN Apr 2017

I have to admit I am surprised with how April went. The month started off with the Easter holidays, and half of that marathon gaming session for charity. But over that half term period there wasn’t much gaming going on. Much less than I’ve done previously during a holiday. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen over the Summer too.

With that slow start to the month I thought I’d be lucky to hit any of the measurements for an “average” month. So you can imagine I’m gobsmacked with the final figures. 

You want the nice data for last month don’t you? So here you go here is the data for April and the data for April 2016.

I played two more games than this time last year, with less people! But in more places. However the number of plays was insane in the end. 

Nine new to me games hit the table, with four games I’d played before finally getting a recorded play. 

Looking at the games played, there has certainly been a few plays of games that would fall into the lighter end of the gaming spectrum. Some just have that “one more play” feel to them. 

Let’s look at the new section I introduced last month. Still no attractive graph. So you are stuck with plain raw data.

I’ve beat the “averages” easily this month. Smashed it!

The final section as usual presents the data graphically so we can try and see trends.

My Game of the Month…

Nine possible candidates for this coveted title this month. But in reality I think only three with a real shot at the title. Those three are Onitama, Sheriff of Nottingham and Sagrada.

I’m having a hard time picking between two of them. I think Sagrada is out of the running. But how do I decide between the other two? I’ve just noticed they are both Dice Tower Essentials games. Wow!

Nope these two games both deserve the title. They are complete opposites to each other. Both great fun to play. Only one thing for it. They will have to share the award.

Onitama and Sheriff of Nottingham are my games of the month for April 2017. 

You want a great, fun social game, get Sheriff of Nottingham. You want a great, quick, two player game get Onitama. 

Worst Game of the Month…

Did a game this month meet the super low standards to qualify for this infamous award? Will there be a new addition to the Nantucket Wing of Shame (my version of room 101, although it is humorous that I’m dumping all the bad games round Jonathans)?

The answer is no. I didn’t play any game that would qualify for this awapp d this month. There wasn’t one game played this month that I didn’t like, or more important hate enough to throw  into this pit of despair.

Hopefully hitting the table in May…

But going to put the ones from the last month back on for May.

  • Star Wars Rebellion – really want to play this now. Even came close to buying once or twice also in the last month.
  • Broom Service – I think a special learning session needs setting up for this.
  • Mech vs Minions – need to arrange a big session for this I think.
  • Star Wars: Destiny – I’ve gone halfs on a booster box for the Spirit of the Rebellion set that gets released on the 4th. Dale has the starter packs too now. So we will be able to start deck building and playing. No excuses. 

Fenland Gamer Events for May (so far)…

  • The weekly Friday Evening Gaming at The White Lion (or FEG@WL as I call it)

If you are in the area and want to attend one of the events, please visit the Fenland Gamers Facebook page for further details about the event. Hope to see you there.

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