BGG Order Arrives

So what arrived for me from the Land of the “Free”? Well I made use of the excellent BGG store and got the two promos they had for Castle Panic. While I was there ordering them I finally caved and ordered Deep Sea Adventure.

Deep Sea Adventure is a little Japanese push your luck game based around diving for treasure. I knew it was a small game but when I opened the parcel and saw how small the box was I was a little shocked. It's tiny.

Naturally I'll be looking at Deep Sea Adventure in more depth in another post.

So not a big order but a nice little one adding a little customisation to a game with promos, and a new game to play.

Still in the postal system somewhere…

  • Epic is shipping, my friend Freddy in the U.S. Of A. has already got his copy.
  • Game of Thrones the Boardgame, just over a week ago was posted but no show yet.
  • My pre-order I made has finally all the pieces in and is now on its way. But I'm not going to ruin the surprise.
  • Dead Drop is being played by Americans but who knows where the international copies are.


I think Tiny Epic Galaxies is due to ship any day now, so hopefully will arrive by end of the month.


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