Battles in the Stars

I don't know how many times I will keep repeating myself, or if/when this will change. But I frickin love Star Realms. Which kind of explains why I post about the game, but not nearly as regularly as I could. I think I'd be a fraud if I started giving advice about playing the game.

It's not as if I'm shooting up the rankings. I'm firmly stuck at level five or six trading blows with those I regularly play against. And the less we say about my performance in the Sunday Casual Tournaments the better.

But it doesn't matter I'm having a blast playing the game. Plus even Nath is having a blast too playing it now.

I'm not sure if these types of posts give people a feel for the game, or even capture the game. I'm hoping they do.

I had to laugh it was nearly the great escape or more accurately the great train robbery. I'd been hanging on for about three or four turns with less than twenty authority (that's health basically for none Star Realms players) while my opponent was unable to finish me off.

While I was waiting for the killing blow I wasn't wasting my time I had managed to inflict some damage so when I died it didn't look so embarrassing. I had whittled my opponents score down from in the forties to twenty two as shown above.

This brings us to the screen shot above. My opponent had failed once more to deliver the final blow. But they had come pretty close. Now it was my turn to reply.

Somehow as my cards played out the amount of damage I could inflict crept up. Then it stalled, I had eked out every last point of damage I could. I was one point away from pulling off an audacious robbery, I laughed out loud.

There wasn't anyway I could get that one final point of damage to steal the win. But I was still smiling. This was sooo close. I had come so close to winning, but for one card, one point. That's all I had needed to be able to get.

Naturally I didn't survive the next turn.

Sunday Casual Tournament #11

Yesterday saw the start of the tenth eleventh Sunday Casual Tournament on the unofficial Facebook page. My first round match is still going on. That's the drawback of players in different time zones.

As the below screen shot shows I've started off this first round match up pretty well with a “comfortable” win.

But let's face it my record in these competitions is pretty abysmal. I've started off with a win then ended up getting my backside handed to me to lose 2-1.

So I'm not taking anything for granted. The cards have a habit of screwing me over. Giving me that little bit of hope before smacking me over the head and leaving my corpse on the floor.

As you can see above our second game is only two turns in. It's the initial swapping of blows and buying scouts or the odd federation ship to kick start the economy needed to buy higher value cards.

Come back later and I'll update the post below with how the game is going (that's if you are interested that is).

Game two update

Game two between myself and Skantman was much much closer. In the last two or three turns it was very nerve wracking. The game could have gone either way. A draw of a couple of big hitters would of finished either of us off for a win.

We were both sitting under twenty authority, on my turn I knocked Skantman down to four authority. I was only slightly in a better place at twelve. But as every Star Realms player knows this is can be easily reached with a couple of cards and easily with a hand of five.

Frankly I wasn't expecting to get another turn. I knew if I did I had enough to in hand to win, hoping that Skantman didn't play the six authority outpost (sorry can't remember which card it was) they had sitting in their deck.

So when I saw the message to say it was my turn I was rather surprised. I wasn't expecting that. I went back into the game and watched my opponents turn play out. Oh crap! They played their outpost, I don't have enough to win, at best I can get them down to two authority. No way will I get another turn.

Then I couldn't believe what I saw, Skantman had scraped his outpost! I'd won!!!

The eight points of damage I could do would be going straight through.

Wow a close fought second game. Those last few turns were real edge of the seat turns. This game could easily have gone the other way and gone to a third deciding game. So I'm through to the second round for the third time only. I need to go see who I'm playing, but before I do I need to get over my shock!


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