Battlelore Arrives

Well I'm a semi happy bunny today. The second hand copy of Battlelore Second Edition arrived today. I'm still waiting for the second hand copy of The Game of Thrones Board Game to turn up apparently it was sent last Friday. I believe it's been sent using myHermes. This courier is used a lot on the Facebook group I belong to. Mainly because it's cheap to send stuff through them. Sadly there is a trade off for this low cost, and that is its not the speediest of couriers to use.

I'm still waiting for Ashes to turn up. Plaid Hat Games said it was allegedly sent two weeks ago by their European distributor, and that I should have had a notification that it had been sent. Needlessly to say I've never received that notification. I have to wait until Friday before getting back to them if it has not turned up.

I have to say this is the one I'm most disappointed about. Previously my experience with Plaid Hat has been exemplary. But at the moment my current experience is leaving a little sour taste.

I'm hoping these both will turn up before the weekend. There is a new gaming group in Wisbech that I am going to (first meet up that I'm attending tonight), and they have a gaming event this Saturday. Plus I'm hoping to get to The Hobbit Hole in Chatteris on Sunday (taking my Netrunner decks with me incase I can get a game).


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