Battle of Abbeville Part Two

Tonight saw the return leg of the Breakthrough scenario that Jonathan and I started a couple of weeks back or so. Our setup time this time around was far quicker than previously because of our foresight of having all the terrain tiles for the scenario together.

This time I was going to be the Allies. Could I pull off the victory to get the clean sweep? I certain had an idea of the tactics I wanted to employ as the Allies, but would I get the command cards to allow me to put my plans into action?

We drew our starting hands…

Battle of Abbeville (Breakthough map and scenario) – Allies

My plan was simple I was going to rush the Axis forces trying to knock them out before they got a chance to retreat back to the bridges and attempt to lure me into range of the artillery. Oh because that's what I did as the Axis forces. I also wanted to make sure I moved my forces (especially in the centre) all together in a block, and not just move the odd unit that would be picked off easily. I wanted to attack in numbers.

My opening hand allowed me to play a pincer movement on both flanks. A perfect first card to play I thought.

After that I attacked a unit close to my forces in the centre, before switching and concentrating my attack on the right flank. I wanted to mop up the forces there, and take out the artillery unit. That had potential to do some damage.

Once I had control of the right flank I used my remaining command cards for that side to move my forces into the centre and join my main attack there. A couple of back to back all unit cards allowed me to move in force down the centre.

Jonathan didn't retreat as fast as I had. He seemed to be trying to hold a line and engage my forces. Later Jonathan admitted he just wasn't getting the cards to allow him to move in the centre.

Over all this was a pretty close game. I'd score a couple of victory points, and then Jonathan would reply scoring two in reply.

In the end it could easily have swung Jonathan's way for a victory. Especially if my dice rolls had been poorer. But in the end I scored the final victory point I needed for the win.

After clearing up Jonathan and I played Hive. As regular readers will know I've had the game for a little while but just not got round to playing it. Luckily Jonathan had played Hive before. Hive is one of those games that is quick to learn but a life time to master.

I think on the win/loss front it was pretty even between the two of us. I enjoyed playing Hive, it's a nice quick game. Ideal as a filler for two.

Thanks Jonathan for another great evening of Memoir '44. We now need to start planning our next scenario to play.


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