Audible Jan 2016

Thought I'd start adding the irregular posts about my audible purchases to the blog as well. Give a little bit of diversity to my gaming posts from a time to time.

I have two audible accounts one in the UK and one in the US of A. Why? Well we all know how publishers in whatever media like to “control” what we have access to, and how much we should be over charged because we live in a region they want to exploit to finance cheaper prices for Americans. Oh does that sound bitter? Well when these corporations charge an exchange rate of £1 = $1 it's the only conclusion you can come too.

Well because of that control freak instinct of those corporations I have been forced to get a second account offshore so that I can access one or two audio books they deem can't be heard here in the UK.

So here is the list of audio books that have been added to my audio book of shame this month. It's more than usual because I didn't get anything last month so I had six credits to use instead of the usual three.


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