Attending my first MtG prerelease event – Ixalan 

Earlier today I went to my first ever MtG prerelease event at my FLGS The Hobbit Hole. 

I’d liked to report that I had a great time playing MtG with all the new cards I got. But sadly that was not the case because I had to leave before I could play a game.

I’ve not had hot water since Tuesday. So when a family member is coming round to sort out my hot water, it’s proper I should be there. Unfortunately I won’t know until tomorrow morning if it has been fixed, because my water heater comes on over night.

Which means my experience of the prerelease was less than perfect. Naturally I got the prerelease kit. I even had time to build a 40 card deck (I went with a blue/green or simic, built around my Legendary creature, so most of my creatures were merfolk). I even sleeved my deck! But sadly that was all I got to do. 

The cost of attending the prerelease event was £22 for prebooking or £25 on the day. I’ve looked at the economics and value for money previously. But that was for a couple of prerelease kits I’d bought online. Which were slightly cheaper. If you prebooked then you break even, the value of the contents of the prerelease kit equals the cost of the event plus whatever value you put on the promo card you get, you might consider it slightly ahead of the game. If you paid on the day on the other hand then you are £3 down. Is that promo card worth £3?

When you factor in extra booster packs for playing games or participating, then the value for money starts to become really obvious. 

Here are the pulls from my six prerelease kit packs and the participation pack.

  • 1 foil
  • 1 Planeswalker 
  • 1 Legendary creature

Not a bad haul. But it’s the Legendary I’m really happy about, it’s one of the ones I want from this set.

Hopefully the next one will see the planets align better for me.

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