An Organising Mood

Its criminal that I have this beautiful, amazing game called Imperial Assault in my collection and I don't get to play it!

I've played it once or twice which was about a year ago. I even took with me to play with Nath a couple of times.

Even though Imperial Assault is expensive, you get great value for money inside the box. The components and minis are of a really high standard. But the biggest bonus is that you are getting two games for the price of one! If you can find a regular group to play with, you have a campaign driven game to play, with one person taking on the side of the Empire, and the others in the group taking on the roles of members of the rebel alliance. Or you can play a skirmish match against a friend.

My only time of playing was the skirmish mode. It's where my main interest lies with the game. Squad building, pitting your tactics against those of your opponent.

What got in the way of Nath and myself playing was the setup. Sorting out the required tiles for the skirmish map that we would play. Having the base set, and Twin Shadows tiles all mixed together did not aid in this.

Thinking on this, I decided after finally unwrapping and merging in the Return to Hoth expansion I needed to do,something that would aid, nah, encourage me to get this to the table to play. Plus I missed the store championship at my FLGS The Hobbit Hole yesterday due to other commitments. I want to take part in the next one.

So today I've spent time organising my box of Imperial Assault stuff.

I started off splitting my tiles into bags. The first bag holds pieces numbered one to nine. Pieces numbered ten to nineteen in another, twenty to twenty nine in a third and thirty up in a fourth. Really big tiles were left loose.

Next I found the three current skirmish scenarios that are tournament legal (Kuat Space Station, Training Ground and Mos Eisley Cantina) and put into separate bags the pieces that made up each scenario. Although one had to have a note which tiles were missing because they had already been bagged for one of the other two scenarios.

I also bagged up the tiles for one of the Return to Hoth scenarios. The Hoth skirmish scenarios are aimed not only at two player skirmishes, but also the new rules for four player skirmish play.

So now I have four skirmish scenarios that I can jump right into playing, well with a lot less setup time. I still have to piece all the tiles together to make the map. Although I'm half tempted to download off BGG the files to get the skirmish maps printed out on banners, so I don't have any of this.

Next I might do some interweb searching for some pre-made squads to play with. Which will make it even easier for Nath and I to play together. Dig out the bag of tiles, choose a squad we'd like to play, put it together (and I may even create bags of the various squads so we don't have to do that).

In the meantime I will try to get some games in on a Tuesday, practice my squad building skills, ready for the next tournament.

Finally one thing I must do, and I feel guilty about this, is finishing painting the Stormtroopers, and then try and muster up the motivation to paint the rest also.


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