All booked

In a shocking display of being organised I’m all booked up for the two big expos this year. Long time sufferers of this blog will recall that I’d already booked my accommodation for both expos before Christmas. Which was a rarity for me. Normally the accommodation is left to March time or nearer when all the cheap rooms are gone, and I have to hunt around for something I can afford. So I really did surprise myself when I booked rooms early at the cheap rate. I blame Jonathan for that when he booked his room for the UKGE, and talked about going to the TTG:Live one.

So with payday injecting much needed funds into the bank account I’ve decided I better secure my tickets as well. So that’s it, apart from getting there and having a good time I’m all paid up.

2 thoughts on “All booked

  1. And in return, I’ll blame you for making me purchase my ticket to Tabletop Gaming Live this morning after reading this blog post! Now I’m fully booked for both events too!

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