Achievement unlocked – Accommodation booked

Thanks to Jonathan reminding Fenland Gamers on our Facebook page this morning I’ve been organised and booked my accommodation for next years UK Games Expo.

The advantage of booking early (others including Jonathan had book ages ago, some straight after this years expo) is I’m not going to be hunting around for somewhere to stay, and I’m not going to be paying over the odds. 

We have both booked at the Birmingham Fort Dunlop Travelodge. So that’s gaming sorted in the evenings. Hopefully other club members will also chose to stay there and join us gaming in the evening.

Ok this is a car drive away (20 mins?) from the expo. But it has free parking. Which is important. It cuts out an expense. Yes I will have to pay for parking at the NEC, but the 3 day pass is very cost effective. And I’d have to be paying that anyway unless I was paying the big money to stay on site at the Hilton.

Ok Travelodge charge extra for WiFi access, that was a tenner. I’ve also paid the extra for the unlimited breakfast each day too.

But still I’m well under my £50 a day cost limit. That’s how much I’d spend roughly on petrol if I was to drive to the expo each day.

The draw back of the Travelodge compared to this years hotel (that was more expensive) is no fridge, microwave, or toaster. Which were handy to have because I could take my meals with me. So I had bread and stuff for sandwiches, I had my evening meals. So I was saving money not eating out, or buying expensive expo food. There is a solution, an electric powered cooler box. They aren’t too expensive. But how will I cook? If only I had camping stoves. Oh wait I do! So that won’t be an issue.

I’ve gone for 3 nights at the Travelodge instead of 2. So I’m there from the Thursday evening. It means no early start on the Friday. I can be civilised, get up at a normal time, breakfast and stroll up to the expo refreshed and chilled. I’m getting too old, early starts are a young persons thing.

If you are planning on going to the expo multiple days book your accommodation now. 

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