Abstract Sunday

Sunday afternoon saw Jonathan and myself meet up to play some abstract games from our collections.

First to hit the table was Santorini.

Would it be fair to describe Santorini as the gaming darling of the moment? I think it would be accurate to say Jonathan and I LOVE Santorini. 

As expected Santorini played brilliantly with two players. If you look at the image below you can see our god match ups. Each pairing we played both gods. Out of nine games Jonathan took the most wins. Yep you read that right. Nine back to back games. Which was only about an hour of playing. 
If Santorini isn’t in Jonathan’s collection by the end of the week I’d be shocked.

We followed Santorini with Qwirkle. I’ve written about Qwirkle before. So I’m not going to say much about it. For the record Jonathan beat me easily at this game. The number of qwirkles he scored really did make his lead unbeatable.

Then it was on to Volcano. An abstract game from Looney Labs using their pyramids.

I actually liked this game variant a lot. If I could just buy this as a single box I would. But the having to track bits down is a bit off putting. 

This game would look amazing played on a light box lighting up the coloured pyramids.

I felt the game ticked all the boxes for the way my brain worked. Which might explain why I won. 

The afternoons abstract gaming finished off with Jonathan introducing me to one from the gaming archive vaults Black Box. We didn’t really “play” the game. But more tasted it! It was more Jonathan introducing me to the game and it’s mechanics. It’s a nice logic, deduction game. Almost a more cerebral battleships! An interesting game.

Oh you missed the photo of me from the post about Friday. Well here is one of me working out the puzzle in Black Box.

A great afternoon of abstract games. Thanks Jonathan. 

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