About Last Night

So last night using the power of the internets, webcams and other bits of magic that I couldn't even imagine back in the early eighties as a young teenage me, I played a game of Android:Netrunner. This gave me a chance to play my Noise deck against Jinteki. It needs some adjustment, especially on the economy side. Sadly for me the majority of my viruses had migrated to the bottom half of my deck. I didn't do too badly, I scored six points before dieing from a snare. I had been reduced to a hand size of two after taking three brain damage earlier.

New Royal Mail Uniform announced – the saga continues

So called in the Royal Mail depot today. Firstly told they couldn't give me my parcel without a card!! When I pointed out that one was never left, I gave them the tracking number, but conviently they are upgrading their computer system and wasn't able to find it, although they were sure it was on the premises. They even tried saying that they had tried delivering the game, and tried neighbours as well. I pointed out that it wasn't possible, and that their person on delivery was lying but they wouldn't have it. Honestly this is starting to smell like they have stolen my game.

I spoke to Amazon and complained about all this, and have ended up cancelling the order and got a refund. Time to source from elsewhere I think.

Finally after teaching Love Letter to my friend at work, ready for tomorrow's Love Letter tournament, we had a quick look at Run Fight or Die!

Sadly there was only time for a couple of turns each, but wow! We really liked it. Although my friend could do with being a bit luckier rolling dice. I'm now very very keen to get this to the table for a full play ASAP.

PS currently have Formula D (an F1 racing game on its way), along with a copy of Hive Pocket (an abstract game). When they arrive that will be two more off my list of games to get, and two more on my pile of shame.


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