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I get so easily side tracked from my plans. I had three awesome card games to play with me at the Kings Head game night. And what happens? We end up playing another game entirely, in this case Catan.

I think my friend found it funny and maybe slightly disturbing I was getting excited about the multiplayer setup for Cthulhu Realms when I got the rules out to briefly look at. But even excited I'm easily distracted. So somehow we ended up playing Catan.

Truth be told, I think I was releaved to be playing Catan. I think after Saturday's experience with the sulk monster, my confidence in teaching a game has taken a little knock. And it wasn't that great before that.

Below trading my way to victory in a game of Catan at The Kings Head game night. (photo courtesy of Sam Hoy and The Kings Head)

Sometimes having no sense of smell, or even a concept of it, is a blessing. Apparently last night was one such occasion. My two gaming companions and opponents in the Catan game smelt what I believe could be best described as an unpleasant smell wafting to the table we were seated at.

I do hope this stench put my friends off their game. I need every advantage I can get.

Couples, you have to love them. Especially when they get competitive against each other. During the first three quarters of the game maybe, I was able to fly under the radar as they battled it out with each other.

They roll a seven, the robber gets placed on a number that would impact the other. I roll a seven, I place it where it will do the most damage including myself. I'm a kind of cut your nose off despite your face guy sometimes. Especially if that action has a bigger payout damage wise for others.

I had claimed the longest road, and been allowed to defend it, so no one else could claim it (it was a length of ten across the middle of the board). By the time my friends had woken up to the imminent threat of my victory and tried working together to stop me, it was too late. I think at that point I was sitting on seven victory points to their six (both had this score). A castle and one more dwelling was all I needed.

They tried resource blocking, I did manage to get a trade with a generous offer so I could get two stone. I needed three, but there was no way I could convince them to sell me the third as well. I then on my turn swapped four wood for the third stone I needed and got that second castle. Three turns later I was sealing the inevitable (ok it wasn't but let me enjoy this moment) victory.

After packing the game away, I was feeling exhausted. There hadn't been much sleep the night before. So I headed home.

Now the thing is I know there are gamers in Wisbech. Some of them were at the Minicon at the weekend. Others I play with. Plus there must be more out there that I don't know of. So why is this Kings Head game night poorly attended? Lack of promotion? Tuesday night is a bad night? I don't know.


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  1. That’s exactly what I was saying to Matt when we started Fenland Gamers; “There must be more gamers in Wisbech.”
    It was finding the King’s Head post on Facebook (after the event, mind) that I discovered that indeed there were more gamers in this backwater town and I’m sure that there are many more… it’s just finding them 🙂

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