A Tuesday Night Games Night

Just an idea I'm throwing out there. But anyone in the Wisbech area (or further if you can make it) want to play any of the above games on a Tuesday between 7:30pm and 10pm at The Kings Head (on the Old Market).

I don't play Magic The Gathering but if people want to play that I'm up for a game if you don't mind teaching someone and lending me a deck to play with.

I thought it might be fun to play one of these games whilst enjoying a beverage or two. I've not asked permission to do this (at the moment if it gets a lot of interest I will), because I can't see a problem with two or three people playing games while enjoying a pint.

Was thinking of starting this on the 14th April. If you are interested leave a comment below or sign up using the event page I've set up on Eventbrite.

Hope to see you there


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