A Tale of Great Client Support

Finally got a replacement for the broken figure. Sadly not from Funforge but from the online store I ordered it from BoardGameGuru.

I got fed up hearing nothing from Funforge, and my friend Duncan suggested going back to where we got our Tokaido Deluxe Kit from. He had a missing bag sent to him very quickly. So I emailed BoardGameGuru with my tale of woe and explaining the delay in contacting them.

BoardGameGuru were appreciative that I tried Funforge first. And said they would get a replacement out to me.

Where Funforge use automated replies and issue tracking software and then give a wall of silence, BoardGameGuru replied and shipped out a replacement the same day!

That's customer support.

I said it in my previous post AEG have been amazing too, they respond within twenty four hours, which is totally acceptable, and resolve the issue in the response. In my case that has been getting spare parts for the games I have of theirs, such as missing bags, extra tokens, and now replacing a damaged card.

Funforge finally responded yesterday after a shirty update I put on the call log about the none response to my issue. They used the excuse of being away for week at a show. Surely they have more than one person looking after customer support?

I don't know how big Funforge are employee wise. But a job role shouldn't come to a stop because that person is out of the office. If it has too, then the automated emails should reflect that, and manage customers expectations.

I think some of the problem is due to size and people within the company doing more than one role. Which is fine from an economic point of view. But often it means jobs not being done as well as they should be.

I'm going to end this rant with a big thank you to Paul at BoardGameGeek for the great customer support, and also to AEG too.

What has been your experience of customer support when you have had to contact a company.

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  1. I re-inspected the figures & noticed that one was slightly loose on the base where the geta are pinned to it. Quickly fixed by superglue. I didn’t have time to start painting them.

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