A Hot Place Is Very Cold At The Moment

Last night saw the kickoff of the fourth Star Realms Casual Tournament on the Facebook fan page. These tournaments are now fastly becoming a regular Sunday thing. Mid week the event invite goes out to the pages members, and those interested in playing throw their hat into the ring by joining the event.

Sunday evening then becomes filled with anticipation (despite my appalling track record to date) waiting for the draw to see who I have been paired with for the first round.

This week for the first round I was paired with Galaxion. A lot of people enter these casual events so it's not unreasonable that I had not played them before or recognise the name. Although slowly I am starting to recognise the odd name from playing them in tournaments and in casual play.

But I did notice that Freddy wasn't on the list of players. Freddy has had a better track record than me in these tournaments, and he loves playing the game too. So it struck me as most odd and surprising. So I messaged him on Facebook. Freddy replied with a tale of woe that basically equated to he accidently deleted the Star Realms app over the weekend while out on a bender with friends. (FOR THE RECORD I'm joking about the bender reference and I'm saying it here for comedic value. It's funny though as I had to explain to Freddy what a bender is, because apparently it's not used like this in the US. Which I did kind of. I gave Freddy the meaning that matched with the context I had used it. I omitted the other meaning. Well it would of just muddied the water and wasn't relevant. Now I know Freddy will read this post and I have this image of him getting very curious about the other use of the word now, and quickly opening up a browser window and googling the word bender. Note to Freddy rewatch an episode of Futurama now knowing the use of the word in England.)

As soon as I saw my pairing I sent a challenge via the app to Galaxion. So now it was just a wait for the challenge to be accepted. I sent a message via Facebook (I hate typing that, I hate using it even more and feel soooo dirty) to let Galaxion I had sent the challenge and why, and then promptly went to sleep.

Then this morning just after 5am with the challenge accepted Galaxion and I went to toe to toe for our first round match up.

Then in a very hot place the temperature started to drop rapidly, it was close but I took the first game. Wait what just happened? I won a tournament match! It wasn't a comfortable victory, or a big knock out punch. The game could of gone the other way very easily. It was more like a scramble across the finish line.

The challenge for game two went and was accepted. Seconds out round two. We traded blows, I was in a reasonable position authority wise and had my opponent where I wanted them, under twenty authority. Then back on script that healthy position crumbled while I struggled to get the attack together to do that final damage needed to win. Luckily sometimes I can ad lib and deviate from the script. That's the colourful way of saying I won again! Yep I scraped together enough damage to grab the win while barely clinging on to my own authority.

OMG I had WON!! My duck had ended, hell had frozen over completely. I was in shock and elated. Somehow I'd cleared the first hurdle at last. After three failed attempts it was fourth time lucky!

Two close games, which could easily of gone the other way and been loses.

I'm now into undiscovered country round two!


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