A Horror From The Past

So after the internets melt down yesterday when the new Star Wars trailer was released (I played my part in that for sure, go watch the Kevin Smith reaction video) it decided to remind me via Facebook of a gaming horror!

Cthulhu Realms on paper should have been one of my favourite games. I LOVE Star Realms the game it was based on. Heck it was created by the same designer.

However I didn’t like the game. I felt the icons on the cards it used just got in the way, slowed things down.

Star Realms has a pace to it. A flow. Cthulhu Realms with its over reliance on icons disrupted that flow. Each card you played you were having to decode what it did by referring to the rules or player score board. It slowed things down a lot. Yes if you played the game a lot that would disappear. But this put me off trying to get to that stage.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom. I did like the multiplayer formats it introduced. And these work well in Star Realms. 

Luckily the mistakes made in Cthulhu Realms were not repeated in Hero Realms.

So there I’ve worked that bad memory out of the system. Thanks Facebook!

3 thoughts on “A Horror From The Past

    1. I have the app. But tried once, just didn’t do it for me. I’m starting to fall on the side of I think they ruined a good design.

      1. Single player is a bit overly dramatic, but multi-player is straightforward enough… UI is different to Star Realms for sure.

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