A Goal For 2015


What do the above games have in common, apart from not being cheap? Have you guessed? They all come with a shed load of miniature models. Models that really need a coat of paint to make them pop. Don't get me wrong they are great models, really detailed. But they are unpainted.

It's customary at this time of year to make New Years resolutions. I'm not big on that sort of thing. But it did get me thinking maybe I should set myself a goal for the year. So not a resolution but something to aim for. Which means hopefully I'm more likely to achieve it. Well that's the distorted thinking I have.

Anyway I thought the goal I'd set was to learn and to paint my miniature models that came with the above games. I've watched That Teri Girl on YouTube on her own channel and her Geek & Sundry Vlog, and she makes it look all so easy. I know there are more videos by others on painting. But I think this is one of the things I think would benefit from some-one sitting down with me and teaching, demonstrating techniques.

What would be amazing is if a local game store ran a workshop teaching model painting for beginners. Turn up, pay say £40, which would get you a basic model painting kit (brushes, some paints), a model to learn with, and the workshop itself. Afterwards you would have everything to continue at home. There could also be a more advance class as well.

Why did I suggest a local game shop should run this? Well it would be something else they could offer to add value for the customer that online retailers can't. It gets people in the store, helps build community, another sales opportunity (sell more paint,brushes,models,etc). If I was a store doing this, I'd be encouraging customers to either display their painted models in the shop, or have photos of their painted models on display. Maybe run a regular model painting competition.

So that's one of my aims for the year, and some wishful thinking.


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