A Couple of Recorded Star Realms Games

I don't have Lego minfig pic yet for when playing Star Realms YET! Anyway I think by now it's clear on this blog exactly how I feel about this game. However if there is any doubt I LOVE IT.

And confession time I'm not exactly subtle about pushing the game at friends. I'm a total fanboy for this game. I'll bore you another day with a post about what it is exactly about the game I like. I'd imagine the post will be along the lines of yesterday's that I wrote on Android:Netrunner.

So I managed to wear down a good friend of mine in the US of A, Freddy. Freddy since buying the app has been playing Star Realms with me, and doing rather well at it. Anyway Freddy recorded a couple of our games from today and put the video up on YouTube.

I've embedded the video below, give it a watch Freddy does a really great job on the commentary.

It's funny really because last night I was looking at using twitch on my Mac to record a game or two of Star Realms. The great thing is buy the game once (and it's not that expensive) and you get it across all platforms. So PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

It's great to see a friend love a game so much, and I can't wait to see what Freddy thinks of the promo cards and the expansions. I think they will blow him away with how awesome one or two of them are.


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