A Coup Promo Puzzler

So after breaking off the cellophane from the newly arrived Coup Rebellion G54 and One Night Revolution, and sorting out the promo stuff from the actual game, I seem to have gathered enough base game cards to give me a second base game (minus the money tokens) .
So before I gointo this a bit more here are the promo cards I'm talking about (images taken from the Kickstarter pages):
The Jester replaces The Ambassador.

The Bureaucrat replaces The Duke.

One Night Revolution

The Speculator replaces The Duke.
See now I get the character cards and reference cards. What I don't get are the six base cards. Why are they giving them? Is it to support more players in Coup? As I have already pointed out, between these three promo characters I have enough cards to make a second copy of Coup. Was that the intention?
But if it's to support more players how many copies of a character support how many players in the game?

I suppose there is nothing stopping me from using them for both. For now the puzzle continues.


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