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The Month of July

Oh spoiler alert. Yes it's that post again where I talk about my latest play through of Pandemic Legacy Season 1, which may or may not include spoilers. So if you want to remain oblivious to what happens in the game so that you too can experience all its twists and turns as surprises then stop reading now and see you in the next post.

She was only with us for a short time but her light shone brightly in that time. Last night Wanda the quarantine specialist passed away after a rather vicious attack by one of the faded fatally wounded her.

Basically last night the Scooby gang (yes I went there) finally after a couple of delays got to tackle the month of July in Pandemic Legacy Season 1.

Our first attempt at defeating July failed miserably. We did complete an objective or two, and were working on finding cures for all three diseases, when epidemics turned into pandemics and outbreaks just over ran us. It all happened so fast we didn't know what hit us.

One thing we had to do was build a research station in a city that was faded. Why? Well that's where the virologist is hiding who may have a cure for the faded! Well we are assuming it's a cure, we won't know until we find them (a new objective) and can reveal on the card what they have discovered.

Our second attempt at completing July was off to a good start. We automatically complete one objective now each game, because we have a military base in each zone. Which means only two objectives to complete.

We had two diseases eradicated, another objective down, and with Hawkeye sitting with enough cards to cure the final disease we were damn close to winning. However the faded were ripe for out breaking big time. Our team just needed to get to Hawkeyes turn.

On B's turn an epidemic hit causing a minor outbreak placing a faded in the city Wanda was in. She already had two scars. At the start of her turn she was dead!

It came round to Wandas turn, the faded delivered its fatal blow to her. A civilian popped into her place to try and carry on her good work. But to no avail, another epidemic hit, this time the faded damn burst, the tidal wave of pandemics started to hit, we could have survived but ran out of faded figures. Game over.

That was close, damn close.

Looks like another new team member joins us for August.


It’s drafty

At the weekly Chatteris Warlords meetup last night there was a Netrunner Draft going on, whilst some X-Wing and historical ship miniatures games were being played, amongst other stuff.

I've done two or three drafts before, a D&D Dicemasters one at last years UK Games Expo, and a couple of Epic drafts (one with Nath and one at this weekly meetup).

I'm still kind of undecided how I really feel about drafts. I like them, nay enjoy them even. Do I love them?

Netrunner is a LCG where you pre-construct decks to play with. Everyone has the same pool of cards to build from. There are no blind boosters. So Netrunner doesn't lend itself to being able to do drafting like you can with say Magic the Gathering or Dicemasters.

So FFG came up with a solution to this that allows Netrunner players to draft.

Basically FFG sell you three decks that go together. The first deck is a base one that contains a draft runner id, a draft corp id, and a few core cards. Everyone gets the same cards in this base deck. The other two decks are made up of one for the corp and one for the runner.

Each of these two decks are made up of forty random cards chosen from a card pool of two hundred odd cards I believe. They are randomly chosen at time of printing at the FFG card printing shop they own in the US (they use this for the small run stuff like these draft decks, promo cards etc).

Starting with the corp deck you split the four cards into “packs” of ten by dealing from the top of the deck without looking at them or shuffling before hand. You then follow normal drafting rules using the four packs. You then repeat this for the runner deck.

After drafting you go off to your private spot to build a corp and runner deck from the cards you drafted. Having built your decks you pair up and duke it out as per normal in Netrunner, except you play to six agenda points instead of seven.

So having been through all of the above I played Ben. Our first game was my corp against his runner. Which ended in a victory for Ben. However I had an early Sundew and pad campaign giving me lots of credits, plus some ice out. Ben hit my snare in R&D. Unluckily he scored agendas that were in my HQ to get the win.

Our second game the roles were reversed. Ben had a scoring server iced up, had iced up his HQ and left R&D wide open. Ben had a card on his scoring server that he was advancing big time. It was either an ambush that was going to hurt me big time when I ran into it, or an agenda that gained extra points the more advancement tokens on it. It turned out to be the later, a Project Beale scored as four agenda points. I soon caught up scoring from the unprotected R&D. I was hitting R&D at least once a turn for free!

Ben installed a new card on his scoring server and advanced it once and iced up his R&D. Too little too late, I ran on his R&D, I couldn't break the ice or its subroutines, but there was no end of run, so I was through and scored the winning agenda.

So the evening ended a draw between myself and Ben.

It certainly was interesting drafting in Netrunner. Not having to worry about influence, or number of copies of cards whilst building your deck, certainly make for some interesting decisions and combinations.

For instance I drafted Wyldside, which gave me card draw, but also costs me a click. I ended up with Rachel Beckman (seemed to be a card no one wanted, I think due to cost, eight credit cost to install is expensive). With no pancakes to get the click back, Rachel Beckman is a costly but effective alternative in this limited card pool. You get one extra click to spend each turn, plus she gets discarded when you take a tag. So a little tag protection. The synergy didn't occur to me while drafting, but when deck building from my drafted cards.

Drafting I think makes a fun break from the regular deck building. I think it might be more popular if Esdevium/FFG didn't price the latest draft set so expensively. At the moment for those that want to draft the only way people can play it cost effectively is to buy the older sets.

Another great evening running.

Meat Damage

Easter Monday, a bank holiday in the UK, and the last day in a four day weekend that started on Good Friday. For some it's a religious holiday celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ, for others it's just a long weekend and an excuse to pig out of chocolate. On the chocolate front I pig out after Easter when the shops reduce the price of their Easter eggs, more sugar high for your money.

My Easter Monday afternoon was spent at my FLGS The Hobbit Hole at Chatteris.

I was there for an informal painting workshop that was being run. I was given a Warhammer tyranid that had already got a base coat on so was ready for painting to practice with. After doing a poor job painting the main areas, I got to try dry brushing. A technique I have wanted to get a grasp of. Yes I knew the theory of doing it. But needed the confidence to do it. Having the practice miniature and guidance was enough to help give confidence I needed.

Naturally I hadn't gone to the store empty handed. I had a small bag of games and decks with me also.

I had leant my copy of Get Bit! I'd taken along to a family there to play with. It was the least I could do having won a game of Fluxx with them. After the painting I got roped into playing a two player game of Get Bit! In the two player variant both players play two robots. The game was enjoyable, not earth shattering. It won't be leaving my collection soon, but only because I have very few games that youngsters can play.

Chris and I played our first game of Netrunner. It was my Shaper deck against his Jinteki Corp deck. Chris won this easily scoring agendas. He'd built up a nice scoring server that was well protected. I was getting cards in place, but economy was an issue this time for me this time. Not having funds to make runs because you can't pump your ice breakers isn't good.

Our second game saw his Kate deck against my NBN Corp deck. Turn one I set a trap for the runner in a single remote server, iced up R&D and HQ, on the runners turn they played a couple of cards, did a run on my trap and took a tag. “How many cards are in your hand?” I enquired not casually enough. I think the runner knew what was coming. Scorched Earth, BAM! Turn two kill!

Quickest win of my short time playing Netrunner. Wow that was like shockingly amazing.

We reset and played again. This time the game played out more like a typical game. Once again early on I had the cards to do the kill in hand. But the runner was more careful in avoiding tags this time.

My little “tricks” we're playing out. I let the runner score some one point agendas and getting Franchise City scored in response. The runner scored 15 Minutes, that went back into R&D on my turn. I was allowed to keep two Pad Campaigns in play, even with three agendas in hand and a Scorched Earth, I was still able to create lots of new servers. The bottom of R&D was getting loaded up with agendas thanks to Daily Business Show. The runner had even taken News Team as a minus one agenda point to avoid taking a tag.

The game came down to one final play, if the runner failed on the run I'd won, because I could score out the agenda. The first ice they hit was a Wraparound, which got +7 strength, breaking that with Crypsis emptied the runners pockets of credits. Next up Turnpike, the runner gets a tag – finally! Then he final piece of ice an Enigma that the runner was able to break. Bugger they were through and got the win. Next turn I could have played the two Scorched Earth to kill them, or scored the agenda.

What a fantastic game. Who cares that I lost, it was a blast.

After a flurry of text messages from Jonathan, our Pandemic Legacy evening was moved to Wednesday, and transformed in to a three player gaming evening.

Our first game of the evening was naturally Five Tribes, since in the text exchange Jonathan had said he wanted to play the game again. How much did Jonathan like the game? Well in a virtual shopping basket in a virtual store, in a virtual world, is a virtual copy waiting to be turned into a real physical item in meat space once a virtual button has been pressed, and digits representing money are moved from one virtual place to another. Or without all that waffle, it's sitting in his Amazon basket.

Once again Jonathan's tactic of buying items, ignoring the djinns or clearing tiles paid off and gave him the win. Obviously I'm really bad at this game and came in last by a point to Debbie. A single point!

We then switched things up by playing Five Tribes again but this time with the expansion The Artisans of Naqala. Wow this is a great expansion. It doesn't add tonnes of stuff, but boy oh boy. With the mountains and chasm more thought has to be given to routes, because these obstacles have to be gone round. The sixth tribe adds a new scoring avenue and power ups, the tent wooden token, adds a scoring booster. It's a very nice expansion that doesn't overload you with new rules to learn, it just fits very naturally with the base game.

Jonathan and Debbie's scoring just went ballistic this game, Jonathan burst through the two hundred points barrier. Debbie hit 179 points, while I managed to beat my previous score but was way way way behind the other two on scoring. So yes I lost again and Jonathan won.

We finished off the evening playing a couple of games of Batman Fluxx. I won the first game, while Debbie took the win for the second game. Like Love Letter with Fluxx you choose the theme you like and play that. Some slight changes to rules, the way things play, but you expect that. In Batman Fluxx keepers have abilities/rules that can be used. For example I think it was the Batmobile I could discard to gain another turn straight away at the end of mine. Or the Batcave increases the number of cards you can draw, hand limit, play by one.

I enjoy Fluxx, I like the changing rules and goals. It's not everyone's taste, I think the theme for tonight was right, and the others enjoyed playing it.

So a great bank holiday playing games, doesn't get better than that.


My Favourite Card Games

Recently The Dice Tower did their top ten card games. I was taken a back how little their lists matched mine. How they rate Thunderstone I still don't know. That game is as boring as watching paint dry.

Card games can have so many gaming mechanisms in them such as drafting, set collection, trick taking. Be played solo, two player or multi player. Basically I'm saying they are very versatile.

So here is my top ten not in any particular order…

  • Lost Cities – a classic Reiner Knizia two player card game about discovering lost cities! Lots of depth here, play a card draw a card seems simple right? Not so simple, because there are lots of decisions to be made, do I play this card, do I hold on to it because my opponent needs it, do I start a new row? High score wins, great two player game.
  • Star Realms – I think regular readers will know how I feel about this little deckbuilder. I'm getting a warm feeling already just thinking about it. Amazing two player deckbuilder, fast, amazing depth for such a small game. Fantastic value, everything you need in a single box. This is a classic.
  • Love Letter – how many copies do I own of this? A few. Bought several times because I usually end up giving copies away to friends and family. I love this game. My favourite version is the Batman Love Letter. Great with three or four players. Can be played by two, but not my preferred number to play with. This game can be taught and learnt in a couple of minutes. There is an expansion for the classic set coming out that will allow upto eight players to play at once, and a deluxe version.
  • Munchkin – the marmite of the gaming world. People either love it or hate it. I fall on the love it side. I don't play this every gaming session, but when it does hit the table I have a great time. I think this is a game that you need the right bunch of people with. The take that, backstabbing, ganging up that happens isn't everyone's cup of tea. Plus it can get to the point that everyone is holding back their big screw others over cards to near the end to deny other players from getting to the final level to win. With the expansions (of which there are many) and themed versions (like superheroes) there is a lot of replay/variety.
  • Fluxx – take a card, play a card. That's the starting rules. After that who knows what the rules will be or how you will win? It's all down to the cards played, and things change each time a card is played. Like Love Letter there are a few versions of this game with different themes, like Firefly, Batman, Zombies etc. Choose your theme and play away.
  • Eminent Domain – yet another deck builder. A great one though. Space empire building with lots of depth, different tracks to victory to follow. Little down time between turns because you are doing stuff on your opponents turn. Theme comes across really well. There is a reason why Nath enjoyed playing this. It's a great game.
  • Haggis – this trick taking and card shedding game won me over when I was introduced to it. There is a small gambling element where you bet on whether you will get rid of all your cards first. But a great two player game that can play a third, although I've not played it with three.
  • Marvel Legendary – this superhero deck builder is so superior to the crappy DC one. This is a co-op game, that can also be played solo. Plus even though it is a co-op game it can have a winner! There are lots of expansions for this game adding new heroes and Villians, and game play mechanics. The secret to this game is organisation. Being organised allows quick setup, and the extra time at game pack up does pay off in the setup next game. Having a hard time choosing a superhero team and Villian to fight, download one of the apps that will choose for you based on what you have purchased.
  • Epic – that Magic experience in a single box. Although you can get duel decks for a little bit more than Epic for the full on Magic experience. This gives so much more value and options for play from pre-constructed decks, to different drafting formats, which duelling decks don't offer. One box can support up to four players in some of the formats. Only thing you do need is a way to track life totals, but they have an app for that.
  • Android Netrunner – I'm getting that warm feeling again! I LOVE Netrunner from its amazing awesome theme, to the art and flavour text, which bring out the theme even more. Oh and then you have the game mechanics. This game has so much depth in the game play, bluffing, mind games, hidden information, there is a lot more to Netrunner than Magic.

Honourable Mentions…

Or games that nearly made the list that I really like. If I didn't like them they wouldn't be in my collection. For some of them it was a really tough decision to make.


  • Magic the Gathering
  • Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn
  • Machi Koro
  • Imperial Settlers
  • Lost Legacy
  • Tides of Time
  • 7 Wonders
  • Coup
  • Gloom
  • Sushi Go

In my collection but not played yet…

Or as I like to call it the card games section of my pile of shame. These WILL make it to the table some day..


  • District-Z
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Legendary Encounters Aliens/Predator
  • Best Treehouse Ever
  • Brewcrafters
  • Deaddrop
  • Chaotic Life
  • Artic Scavengers
  • Hanabi

I have to admit I try and avoid these types of post. I don't like them. In my defense or to help me sleep at night I haven't tried to click bait this post with a title like “top games to …”. It really annoys me seeing posts like that because it is obvious what the site is doing. Usually the posts say nothing, are full of affiliate links to Amazon or some other site. I hate them.

Epic New Stuff 26Mar16

Another week and more good more stuff dropping through the letter box.

From my FLGS I got the latest Fluxx to hit our stores Firefly Fluxx. As an incentive to buy from your FLGS or LGS if they are not that friendly when you buy from a store it should come with a promo card for the game too.

I also finally crumbled and got the Batman Fluxx. This had been on my wishlist for a long time.
Tiny Epic Kingdoms Second Edition, plus Heroes Call it's expansion qualifies as my first delivered Kickstarter of the year.
Star Realms Colony Wars is on its way (somewhere in the postal system) but I knew I didn't have enough sleeves for the new arrivals. So three packets of sleeves dropped on the mat this morning to solve that problem.
Finally a real bargain (aren't they all?) appeared on Facebook for three copies of the Kickstarter version of the game (that's basically the base game plus promos). I'd mentioned it to a friend who asked me to get it for them. So here we are a box full of awesome, ready for delivery Tuesday.


Hitting next week starting 28Mar16

Only one thing of interest in my world coming out next week via our Esdevium/Asmodee overlords. That something is the first expansion for Epic the Card Game from White Wizard Games, Tyrants.

I'm a bit disappointed in pricing. Each of the four packs that make the expansion up contain twelve new cards. So for forty eight new cards the cost is more than the base card set of one hundred and twenty. Plus if you are running three sets to make an epic cube how many copies of these expansions do you need?

I'm hoping that with this expansion hitting retail that my FLGS will be able to order the game day and tournament kits.

While I'm talking White Wizard Games and their great games, apparently hitting Kickstarter soon is a new version of Star Realms with a fantasy theme called Hero Realms. Excited by this news. I hope they don't make the same mistakes they did with Cthulhu Realms, ie over iconify the cards.


Magic Batman

This afternoon saw me at my FLGS The Hobbit Hole. I'd promised to let the owners daughter play Magic a The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers after she saw it being played the other weekend. It's important that you keep your word to little people.

Despite getting some hits in taking out some creatures, I still got beaten. When it came to doing the defensive rolls I seemed to be rolling like Jonathan does in Memoir and Battlelore, badly!

I can see the owner getting some pressure to get a copy! Which he had admitted he was getting a little bit of over Love Letter. I'd introduced his daughter to the game the other night at the Warlords gaming meet. Apparently the is idea he sells me stuff, not me introduce his daughter to games that he then has to buy. Oops ^__^

After being defeated at Arena of the Planeswalkers we had a game of Batman Love Letter. Being a two player game, we played first to eight points. Which I won with a massive nine points to three. I scored two at the end to get the win (that's guessing the other players card with a Batman card).

It was a fun afternoon.

And I'm back Monday for a painting workshop being held at the store.

House Keeping

Yesterday was a punching out cardboard and sleeving day when my Kickstarter copy of Tiny Epic Kingdoms 2nd Edition and Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes expansion arrived.

Ok the punching out cardboard was very minimal. A handful of small tokens in both boxes. However having over bought the sleeves previously I had more than enough of the larger clear sleeves to sleeve the larger boards used by the game. But my earlier mistake means my games are fully sleeved. Which makes me happy.

While writing about Tuesday's four player Star Realms game it got me thinking I really should get Colony Wars, and while I'm at it enough sleeves to sleeve them. Plus I thought as an exercise in futility I'd try looking for an official playmat in the UK.

Cheapest I found on the playmat front was £34. These mats should not be more than £17. Why Esdevium the UK distributor doesn't make these easier to get is so puzzling to me.

Luckily my hunting around found a playmat in Germany that with postage worked out at £23. Not ideal but a damn sight more palatable than the UK prices.

With what appears to be such poor support in the UK by Esdevium for the very popular Star Realms, it does make me very concerned for the Epic support.

Wild Speculation Section…

About a couple of months ago now(?) The Dice Tower and Nick of Board Game Brawl parted ways. The official explanation given by Tom Vasel was a “difference in online presence” or words to that affect, and amicable.

It is no secret that there was a feud between Nick and Richard Ham (Rahdo on YouTube). I think it was all over some comment Rahdo made about a video Tom made, and Nick sprung to his defence. You know the usual interweb spat sort of thing.

Now this is pure speculation I have no real evidence for this, I'm just adding two and two together and getting five.

However now that Nick is no longer part of the Dice Tower network, all of a sudden Rahdo is now turning up on the network. Is this just a coincidence? Is this the real reason Nick left? Were their differences from said spat so unsolvable that the Dice Tower network wasn't big enough for both of them? Was a small time delay made before Rahdo started appearing on purpose to try and avoid this sort of crazy talk?

Maybe I am jumping to wild conclusions and seeing conspiracy theories where there are none. But hey it does look fishy when you only know not even half the story.

Battle Royale

By now regular readers will know that Tuesday evenings are now a gaming evening with the Chatteris Warlords. Which strangely enough is located in what can only be described as an O2 data network black hole. Yes despite having a signal to make calls, being able to get email, post to social media on your mobile device of choice (why anyone would want anything other than an iPhone I find mystifying) is not possible!

Luckily (or not depending on your point of view) the working mans club the Chatteris Warlords meet up at has free wifi. So I'm able to update social media etc once in the building.

Last night was a first for me playing Star Realms. How so? Well we played a four player game.

While with the core game, the odd promo, and Crisis expansion (minus using the Heroes) was more than enough cards to play with, what I didn't have enough of were the starting cards of explorers and vipers. There were only enough for two players. Once I get my hands on a Colony Wars set this situation will be resolved. However that didn't help last night. So we improvised. What we ended up doing was proxying some of the gambit and hero cards as vipers and explorers by slipping in a bit of paper in the sleeves with viper or explorer written on them. Not ideal, but workable.

Our four player game was being played as a free for all. So anyone could attack anyone else.

Ben and myself and played before. Ok Ben had been playing for a week. The other two players this was their first game.

As the photo above shows I had a great base and outpost setup for the later stages of the game. I was also down to just pure great cards each turn, which included The Ark and The Command Ship (got a turn before before being knocked out of the game). The only way I'd really want to improve the above was by having a Mech World there, but that went early on to the noobs. But everyone did quickly learn how bad ass Fleet HQ was once I got it.

The noob next to me also got a bases and outposts wall up in front of him. I should have destroyed it when I had a thirty point face smash to deal out. But instead I took Ben out of the game because I saw him as the bigger threat.

The noob opposite me I'd already knocked down to nine authority previously. Had no bases/outposts that would pose a problem or effective defense. Plus wasn't comboing big hits.

But the noob next to me, with his bases and outposts, was able to combo up taking out my outposts and having enough authority to smack me out of the game.

That meant the noob opposite had a single shot at taking the noob next to me. He gave it a good shot. Managed to get to twenty odd points to attack with. But not enough to win the game. Next go the noob next to me won.

I enjoyed playing Star Realms like this. There wasn't too much of everyone just ganging up on a single person. It seemed fairly even with everyone attacking everyone else. Although it is possible to have one against many.

My final game of the evening was a quick game of Batman Love Letter that I taught to a couple of people. Which both enjoyed.

A fun evening of gaming. Lots of different games going on, Bolt Action, X-Wing and that WWII airplane game that inspired/influenced X-Wing to name a few.

I Have A Plan!

We were going to be a man down last night, so with no Matt the remaining Pandemic Legacy crew decided to hold a normal game evening instead.

Our first game of the evening was one of the hot games of 2014 Five Tribes. If you remember I had played this once before nearly a year ago, but the experience was less than enjoyable because of a big baby being a sore loser.

This evenings experience playing Five Tribes was so so much more pleasurable. Jonathan's tactic of getting goods from the trade row won out. Jo was collecting fakirs for some reason, and despite it being pointed out they are worth no points at the end, claimed she had a plan.

Our game ended because there were no more legal moves left to play.

I love the fact you get this nice thick (read lots of pages) score pad for this game. Discoveries are you paying attention? You don't even give a score pad!

After the scores were calculated and added up, Jonathan romped home for the win.

Our second game of the evening was Takenoko. Cute panda, bamboo, frustrated gardener, what more could you want in a game?

This game seemed to be over quickly. It definitely lived up to the predicted forty five minutes playtime on the box. Everyone but myself seemed to be completing their aims quickly. Jonathan took an early lead. Very little irrigation was taking place, or more accurately none except for some I did. There was hardly any bamboo growing either. A lot of tile placement was going on, and they were the cards being completed the most by the others.

Jonathan won, by completing the goal of seven cards and getting the bonus two points. In Doscoveries the wooden die feel light, and I don't really enjoy handling them. However the wooden dice in the Tokenoko feels much better.

Like Jonathan I too thought we were missing something about the game? What was the point of the other cards? More to the fact the gardener. I'm going to have to go on bgg and see if this is a common problem with them game.

It did hit me over night maybe this isn't really a four player game! Maybe it works better as a three player game.

I had a meh feeling after the game. Neither hated it or really loved it. The question I have to ask myself does this now warrant staying in the collection? It might hit the table again to try it with three players. But at the moment it is sitting on a short list of now two with Krosmaster Arena of being on my way out list.

Wrapping up the evening we first played Love Letter Batman. Jonathan just walked away the victory for this game getting four tokens in two games before the rest of us even got a single token. For the record that's two wins, and two eliminations using the Batman card to guess correctly a players card.

The evening concluded with a game of Lost Legacy and our great debate, controversy of the evening.

So what caused the debate? It was the investigation phase. We were all still in at the end of the game. So we started the investigation stage to find the Lost Legacy card. As per game rules, we started at one, and went up in order, for people to take their turn locating the Lost Legacy card. I was first to go on number four. I guessed Jonathan and was wrong. Next was five, which was Debbie and she had it in her hand and won. So Jo and Jonathan didn't get a go guessing. It was the way this ended that was the bit causing the problem. Made worse when it was pointed out that because Jonathan had an X card he wouldn't get to guess at all.

In this game if you had two discarded X cards you are eliminated. Jonthan had drawn one early, and had ended up with a second, so was handicapped unable to get rid of the card to get one to allow him to guess at the end. I did point out there were cards in the deck that could have overcome this situation. I had one I didn't play that would have got him out of the situation. Jo played one that would have by shuffling his discard pile back into the deck, but instead she used it on my discard pile instead.

I didn't see it as an issue. There is a lot of decisions and thought that has to go into playing Lost Legacy. If you have a low number card do you play it for its ability or hold on to it to guess early at the investigation stage? I played the one card The Saint early which stopped me being eliminated. I had also played a card that allowed me to look at two cards off the top of the deck, put one in the ruins and put one in my hand. So I had knowledge of the ruins.

The higher value cards in the game seemed at trying to eliminate players. So for me ones you definitely try and play.

I think the theme didn't help (Jonothan isn't a scifi fan), and a little confusion over the end part of the game with none of us realising until the end when we went through the rules for the investigation phase that low is good at that point. Which is different to Love Letter.

Five Tribes was definitely the big hit of the evening.