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Creation of the hipster part 2

As expected the bits arrived today. Which means the alternate head arrived. This one has more “hipster” like glasses on it, they are meant to be wire frames! But also a couple of beanies were also in the order, along with a tile made to look like an iPad (this will be added to my minifig of me as a lecturer). There is also a cowboy/trilby hat and two more tiles to add to the hipster in the form of a record sleeve and a smartphone.

For me a lot of the time the accessories can make or break a minifig like this.

Now I know these two accessories along with the star bricks coffee really do add to this minifig being a hipster.

When designing a minifig I really should sketch out, however badly a plan for the figure. At the moment the design lives in my head. I then spend ages trawling the sites looking for the bits that look right for what I'm trying to create. Luckily so far I have found the bits I want on the sites. Which means for the moment I haven't had to create my own custom parts, nor have I had to create custom decals. At some point down the road I can see myself getting a 3D printer!

So while this model is getting close to being finished, I'm just awaiting the flat cap from the U.S. now as the finishing touch for this figure. I do prefer the new head for this figure, but what do you think? Which head do you prefer?


Creation of the hipster part 1

Today some of the parts for the hipster minifig I'm creation arrived from Firestarter Toys. As you can see from the photo below I got some beards, black legs, and two different hoodies, a head with glasses, a latte, and two bases.

So I've thrown some of the elements together to create an initial version of the hipster. The flat cap is in the postal system somewhere between the U.S. and here, and an alternative head is also on its way from
Once all the bits have arrived I play around to get the perfect combination to make the hipster. In the meantime I can decide between the hoodies, I think the one in the photo is the right one for this model based on the source photo (see Sunday's gaming post).


Star Realms an obvious idea


So played another game of this today but with a student. It was a comfortable win but when the student usually plays with a friend instead of the authority cards to keep track of authority they use two ten sided dice. One to represent tens and another to represent units.

Why hadn't I thought of that? The cards work, but it is fiddly almost awkward keeping track using them. This is a much simpler and easier option. However it doesn't store in the small box that the game comes in, which the cards do.

So I really really want to get the Star Realms storage box, it will hold the cards and and four dice easily. I've not seen the storage box on sale in the UK yet. But then again I've not come across the play mats either. I'm hoping we get these in the UK soon along with the Gambit expansion.

In the meantime, in the game they use the colour green to represent authority. This got me thinking, how about using green ten sided dice with the game? So now I've got some green ten sided dice on their way, along with the Crisis expansion packs. I think the green dice will be cool with the game. And I'm so excited about adding the new cards to the game.

An update on my games with the Games Quest guys, we seem evenly matched, I win a game, they win a game, then I win a game and so on. Some how I need to improve my game to break the deadlock. I know one or two of my weaknesses, but more studying of tactics etc is in order.



Great Start To The Week

So the cape for Bane arrived today which I got through eBay, it looks really cool and finished off the minifig for me. The added bonus was a surprise free black cape. That was pretty cool, and now being so easily bribed heck when I need to get some ponchos guess where I'll be looking first for them?

Then this evening from The Entertainment Centre at the heart of the capital of the universe Wisbech I got a great deal on the Western Emmet from The Lego Movie. Which looks, wait for it… AWESOME!
They also got in a Jason Vorhees Pop! figure which now joins the Black Widow and Lady Sif I have. I had promised myself I wouldn't become that guy who buys these sort of things (oh hark look at the minifig collector getting high and mighty). Sadly that pusher of such things Bouncy at The Entertainment Centre has hooked me in, and turned me into that guy! Mind you I had seen Jason in a Facebook feed Friday, thought it looked pretty cool, low and behold Bouncy the Walter White of Videogames and merchandise in Wisbech goes and gets it in! He's evil I tell you.

A couple of firsts happened today, I finally got to play Star Realms using the physical cards. I also played with the cards from the event packs mixed in. Good grief the Megahaulin card is powerful. It seemed a little weird playing with cards, less random. The cards also felt better distrubuted when being dealt into the trade row. It was fun, and I'm not just saying that because I won.

Finally thanks to a friend I had my first game of Netrunner using a learning deck created by my friend. I was playing a hacker deck. I won, but did really enjoy the game. I can sadly seeing myself getting into this game big time. Curses another game for the collection. I'm looking forward to my next game, and learning the game better. I can see myself tending towards playing hackers over the corporate side.


Not a hipster game night

Last night there was another game night round mine. The wolf pack had been relocated next door to spend the evening with Nan. Well I have to look out for the safety of my guests. It wouldn't be right having a guest mauled and eaten by the attack chihuahua.

The first game to the table was Star Fluxx. Star Fluxx is a favourite of my students, and I thought might be a good start to the evening. Star Fluxx is a science fiction themed version of the game Fluxx. The game starts off with the simple rules of draw a card and play a card. After that who knows what the rules will be or how you will win. That is all decided by the cards played. One card may make it that you have to draw three cards, another may add the rule that you have to play every card in your hand each time. Some one may play a card that changes what the goal (win condition) of the game is. Basically the game is in a constant state of flux (get it?) The first game of Star Fluxx we played was probably the shortest game I've played. It lasted for about four rounds. The second game last a little longer but not by much.

Our second game of the evening was Tokaido. In Tokaido you are traveling from Edo to Kyoto, trying to have the best experience possible by visiting temples, bathing in hot springs, painting incredible views, visiting temples, shopping and eating great food at inns. Which I didn't explain very well, and at the start the other players were not getting the game or enjoying it much. But once it clicked after two or three turns they started to enjoy it. By the end of the game I think everyone was getting into the game and having a good time.

Super Munchkin is a super hero themed version of Munchkin. Even so it's still all about the loot baby! Lots of dealing, undercutting, backstabbing, wandering monsters suddenly appearing, people being suspiciously helpful to others, all the elements of a great game of Munchkin. At the end there was three of us that could of won it. But the eventual winner really did deserve the win, we threw every wandering monster, monster power up, action we could or had left to try and stop them winning. But to no avail, our attempts failed and then super leaped over the finish line to win. Did I say that Munchkin is another of my students favourite games?

The penultimate game of the evening was Cash 'n Guns 2. I'd previously only played this game once with Nath at last years Eurogamer in the table top playing area. Basically Cash 'n Guns recreates the Mexican stand off, chose your favourite movie that has one whether it's the one from the end of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in the cementary, or maybe like the one in Reservoir Dogs. The game plays upto eight players, is reasonably quick to play, quick to explain, and fun to play. It's also one of the few games I know where being the eldest pays off! Each player in the game takes on the role of being a gangster during the splitting up of the spoils of a big robbery. One player becomes the Godfather (the eldest person at the start of the game) and remains the Godfather until some-one else takes over the mantle by taking the Godfather token during the splitting of the spoils at the end of each round. It's handy being the Godfather because you can ask a player to “reconsider” who they point their gun at. But the Godfather also gets first pick of the loot. The winner after eight rounds is the player with the most loot and alive at the end. It's safe to say I didn't win, but I did last six rounds before dieing. This is a fun game to play. This game has the potential to become a gaming night staple.

The final game of the evening was Zombie Dice. A great push your luck dice game. I bet my fellow dice masters players wished I rolled like I do playing Zombie Dice. All my luck seems to happen in Dice masters. It's safe to assume I didn't come close to winning either of the two games we played.

The great thing about our group. Wow are we a group now? This is our second games night now. Do we qualify as a group? How many games nights do you have to have to qualify as a group? The great thing about last night is that we all have a similar sense of humour, love the banter, and able to take it all in good humour. A big theme of the evenings banter was whether James was a hipster. To be fair it was funny, and his denials and heated protests added to the laughs. It didn't help his case admitting he had been using beard oils recently, nor when googled that the first image of a bearded hipster with a flat cap looked like his twin!

You know me I will work lego minifigs into anything. This morning I have found the bits to make a hipster minifig of James as a present for him next time. It has to be done. When all the bits come together I hope they live up to the plan I have in my head. I think it will be better. We will see in a couple weeks time.

Anyway a fantastic evening once more, great company, fun games, awesome banter/conversation.


Minifig Saturday and I’m a winner

Minifig Saturday it is then. There is gaming stuff going on I can assure you. Yesterday Games Quest had a Star Realms competition where if you beat them playing the game using the app and posted a screen shot of the win, they would send you the Crisis expansion pack of your choice. I won my game and couldn't decide which to have so I asked them to choose at random for me. So a surprise prize is on its way. We played a second game that I lost. So I'm going to challenge them to a third game as a decider.

I think it's well known by now how I get forgetful over stuff ordered. I'm pretty sure I ordered the set of Crisis expansions but for the life of me can't remember who from! I might order an extra set just incase my mind is playing tricks on me. Which it often does. If I end up with two complete Crisis expansion sets, I guess we will have a first for the reborn blog a competition. (Yes years ago we had competitions but that was as the old blog not the new!)

Yesterday I was meant to be teaching and playing Star Realms with a friend, but serendipity meant instead I ended up chilling out with friends, chewing the fat over, righting wrongs. We ended up in the local Burger King, where the service was soooo slow. And it took them three attempts to get my friends burger correct! The compensation burger they gave my friend was awesome. Another friend had the Taco ranch burger and that was the sorriest burger I have ever seen at Burger King. It was more a kids burger or entree, it was so tiny for the money. I would of felt robbed and my friend who ordered it did. Anyway this is a point to this little tale (thank god I hear you say), we have arranged a gaming night round mine for tonight. So expect a write up about that tomorrow.

Well as the diptic photo below shows a Bane (movie version) minifig has arrived. I bought a trench coat for it too separately which will arrive Monday I think. That will finish the Bane minifig off nicely. The other figure turned up too which is Tonto with an open fire. I wanted the fire for camping vignettes I have planned. The Tonto figure was a very nice bonus. I like the figure a lot, and having The Lone Ranger and Tonto is really cool. The look of Tonto in the more recent Lone Ranger movie was one of the things I loved. I know Depp and the Director based the look of Tonto on a famous painting of an Native American. Having done a quick google I'm seeing results that are declaring the painting and Depps depiction of Tonto as racist. This isn't something I have spent time thinking about, and hadn't occurred to me. I'd like to discuss this with an Native American, I really don't know enough about this subject and if this is a racist depiction. I would not be surprised if it was. What I do know is I don't know what an accurate depiction would be.

I don't want to use ignorance as an excuse and I won't, I'd rather I have the facts and make an educated and informed decision.

I do enjoy using the motivational poster app on the iPad to produce these posters of the minifigs. Especially when I am using quotes from that the character said in the movie.

Well yesterday was Friday the 13th, so a photo like the one below had to be done. It's the Jason Vorhees minifig with Friday the 13th Part 4 playing in the background on the tv.

Let me know what you think about this post in the comments below. I do moderate comments before putting them live. Just to catch spam and offensive comments. Otherwise even if you disagree with me the comment will appear.


Impulse minifig purchase!

So an afternoon with friends ended with arranging a games night for tomorrow, and me having given in to buying the odd minifig packet from WH Smiths. There is always that temptation whenever I am in the town centre during shop opening times. I'm a weak weak person that's all I will say in my defense.

So what did I pull?

As the photos show I got the Goth girl, a carpenter, and fencer. All three are pretty cool, but my favourite has to be the goth girl and the goth teddy bear.

Ok I admit it I need an intervention.


Lego Minifig Arrivals 13 Feb

Wow I've just realised what today's date is and what arrived today. The first picture gives it away. However Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees arrived today from These are two custom minifigs that they sell of the popular horror movie “stars”. I wasn't expecting these two figures for another couple of weeks because they warn you that there is a 2-3 week turn around on these types of figures because they are made to order. It's apt that they arrived today because it's Friday the 13th, and Jason is the star/pyscho of that movie franchise. Well guess what I'm watching later to celebrate the date. I think have done a great job with these figures. I didn't see any point in trying to create my own for them. Although for Jason I think a detachable ice hockey mask would improve it. But I still really like what they have done just using decals.

Also the above photo shows the “not a robot” sheriff from The Lego movie, sporting that amazing Tombstone tash that I like, plus a generic cowboy/bandit. These will be used when playing Bang the Dice Game.

I also got from some accessories and parts to complete my own custom figures, and bits to be used in the sets or I believe in the lego community they are called vignettes. So as the photo below shows I have now completed the lecturer minifig of me complete with coffee mug and pen. To the blogger minifig of me I've added the satchel and camera.

Finally I was able to complete the backpacker. Now I know Lego do a backpacker in one of the sets, but the upper torso of that was plain if I remember correctly. And this one from was way better, plus the head was not bearded on the official one. I do like how mine has come together.

Finally I just wanted to show the delightful little “matchbook” style boxes that Jason and Michael came in from

I must start work on making the vignettes next, but I do have one or two custom figures I want to make as gifts. I will have to see how the mood takes me and in what direction!


Memory Lane Winter 2015

So it looks like once the nights have started to draw in early once more later in the year (Yep this winter hasn't finished yet and I'm already looking forward to the next one) it looks like my board gaming will be taking me back to my early years, and sparking off a real nostalgia trip.

I've already mentioned that there will be a co-operative game by Matt Leacock based on Thunderbirds. People of my age grew up watching Gerry Anderson staples such as Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Captain Scarlett, Sting Ray, Space 1999 and less common Fireball XL5. But during my youth which you got to see and when all depended on the ITV area you were in. Luckily for me on my little tv in my bedroom I could pick up three different ITV regions, Anglia, Central and Yorkshire, by fiddling with my tv's aerial.

During my teenage years in the 80s as I was discovering computers and living through the home micro boom it was Terrahawks, with the late great Windsor Davies (I think he's dead) doing the voice of the sergeant “robot” ball. Who of a similar age could forget the Blue Peter Tracey Island? The Blue Peter solution for those that could not get their hands on at the time one of the hottest toys of the day a Tracey Island.

Sadly for some kids their introduction to Thunderbirds was through the dire live action movie. Which basically should of constituted an act of war by Hollywood upon the world, and a crime against cinema. It should of been a puppet movie like the original. The creators of South Park were so incensed with anger that they shot Team America using puppets and showed what could of been, although funnier and more adult orientated.

Wednesday Modiphius released mock ups of the Thunderbird craft that will be in the game. The holes are there to peg in heads or some representation of the Tracey family that are in that craft.
On Tuesday I backed a new kickstarter project which is the other half of the gaming experience that will take me back down memory lane. That kickstarter was for Ghostbusters the Boardgame. The project has easily reached its funding target, and now with just under a month left its now down to how many of the stretch goals will be unlocked. So far they have unlocked the first two stretch goals, and I would imagine well on the way to the third.
I remember playing the Commodore 64 game in 1984 published by Activision and programmed by David Crane (author of many classic video games from the 80s such as Pitfall, Little Computer People). I remember reading an interview I think in Retro Gamer with David Crane and he didn't have long to write the game, luckily he had been working on a game that he was able to use as the basis of the game that became Ghostbusters. Of course the stand out memory of the game has to be the Ghostbusters theme blasting out of the tv being produced by the SID chip of the Commodore 64. What the musicians of the day were able to do with the SID chip was amazing, I still listen to some of the tunes on my iPod from the likes of Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway. Anyway if Ghostbusters wasn't the first it was one of the first to use speech synthesis (I think it's a close call between Ghostbusters and Mission Impossible with its “another visitor, stay awhile stay forever”), but to hear it shout “Ghostbusters!” was just amazing. And still a very fond gaming memory from the time.
The 84 New Years Eve I remember being in our dining room with my brother and a family friends daughter playing video games. One of the games I remember playing during the evening was Revenge of the Mutant Camels (one of my all time favourite games, and I believe the first commercial game to use a turbo loader). But as the clock struck midnight we were playing Ghostbusters. If my aging memory serves me correctly my resolution was to be playing games.
Back to the up and coming boardgame. There are two versions of the box, and being a complete saddo I'm going for the deluxe foil embossed limited edition kickstarter exclusive one (picture below). Yes there are other rewards with this, but I just prefer this box to the regular one.
There is currently no game play videos up on the kickstarter page but from what I can glean of the page, this game is a co-operative board game similar to Zombicide. The use of map tiles, miniatures, missions, character cards that level up abilities as the player gets more experience. It comes across as a Ghostbusters Zombicide with tweaks to the game to theme it to Ghostbusters better.

From what I can tell instead of a draw deck to place ghosts on the board they use a dice. And when there is more than one ghost of the same type in a space, they combine to form a more powerful ghost.

I am looking forward to seeing the game play video. But if it is as I have said a Zombicide variant then I'm going to love this game. I love Zombicide.


New Arrivals New Arrivals – mid Feb 15

I'm starting this new arrivals post with Lego minifigs. I'm still awaiting for some parts to arrive from France, but in the meantime I managed to get a Lone Ranger minifig and also the Lego City Polar Accessory Kit. I got this mainly for its accessories. I wanted a tent, and the stove, the mugs and axes are a bonus. But there is also what looks like a lolly which is a little hand trowel. These accessories will help me in my backpacking scene I will be creating.

Next in is some Dicemasters stuff. Top photo shows the three cards from the Days of Future Past OP kit. I had bought the first OP kit as well, however that seems to have been lost by the courier, and I got a refund. So now need to source another copy of that.

The bottom half shows off the final nine cards that I needed to complete the Avengers vs X-Men Dicemasters. So I'm happy about that. My set does not include the alt art cards, that's a silly root for me to take as the Tsarina alt art card is going for silly money.
Next month get the final cards to complete the Uncanny X-Men set.
Finally on the Dicemasters front the Yu-gi-oh! Starter set also arrived. I think I need nineteen cards to finish off this set after getting the starter and a gravity feed. So that isn't bad. The cards are either rare or ultra rare.
Also arriving are the cards from the two tournament kits that Star Realms had last Summer. Star Realms is one of my favourite games at the moment. Obviously there are spares which I'll be giving away. I'm going to need to get another base game. Then I can have a copy of the base game to teach new players with, and a copy of the game with the expansions added to play with experienced players. I still need to find a copy of the Gambit expansion, and I haven't seen anyone advertising the storage box yet.

Finally I have for some reason two copies of the Blackmailer promo card for Cash 'n Guns 2. Could of sworn I only clicked it once! And also with that came the Kickstarter Deluxe Content for Tiny Epic Kingdoms. This adds three new factions and the exploration expansion.

So that's the new arrivals wrapped up. Some cool stuff I think. I'm going to leave this post with something I shared on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook yesterday, I hope you like it.