Fenland Gamers First Birthday

Wednesday saw the nearest monthly meet up of The Fenland Gamers to its first birthday (which was a couple of weeks approximately earlier I believe). So this had to be celebrated in some way. 

We had already provided cake to our hosts to thank them for letting us use their building for our meet ups.

So we also had cake to celebrate the clubs first birthday. Awesome cake by master cake maker Doreen. Who also came along to this meet up.

For the record this was our best attended record of all time so far.

Once again to cater for our newer members we played gateway games, such as King of Tokyo, Camel Up, Fluxx, Qwixx and Forbidden Island.

Although to see people form alliances to deny me a victory in King of Tokyo was a bit… words can’t describe the hurt I’m going through! Robbed! 

Everyone had a good time. It was a great way to celebrate the clubs first birthday.

I’m really glad Jonathan and Matt started the club up and somehow stumbled across me online and invited me along.

In the time I’ve been a member I’ve had a great time, made some great friendships, and really enjoy the “friendly” rivalry that Jonathan and I have at the table.

Here’s to the next year of the club.

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