A Brush With Fame

Thanks to my friend Duncan pointing this out. It appears if you slow the Dice Tower podcast live at the UK Games Expo video down and play the audio backwards, you can spot me in the audience.

If you wanted something a little less conclusive and ambiguous that shows I was in the front row, here is that evidence. 

This is a bit like my claim that I’m in the Guns ‘n Roses Paradise City video!

Technically I am. Along with the 108,000 or whatever the audience figure was for the ’88 Monsters of Rock concert the footage is from, when they do the sweeping crowd shot. If memory serves me right my brother and I were not far away from the scaffolding in the middle holding the mixing desk etc.

So that is luckily for the world the nearest I will get to being on the Dice Tower channel. I hope you enjoyed my fifteen nanoseconds of fame.

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