Yesterday afternoon saw Jonathan, Jeff and myself meet up for some more Sunday afternoon gaming goodness.

Our gaming started off with one of our current hot games to play The Voyages of Marco Polo.

Once again I trailed on the scoreboard for most of the game. But having completed my two trade routes I gained a massive 23 points to catapult me to the front, which after all the totalling up I didn’t lose. Yep I won by four points (Jeff being the nearest to me). Jonathan was way way off in the distance.

Next up was World of Tanks: Rush.

This was a first play for us. I’d heard that it was Star Realms like. The game was being sold off cheap (a fiver) at a national chain of stationery/book shop.

First off they should remove the word rush from its name. This game is anything but.

It is a deck builder and yes it’s meant to be a pvp one. But I think it fails at this.

Too many design decisions were made putting theme over game play.

Yes the game is cheap, but it wouldn’t get played if you had the likes of Star Realms in your collection. The game lacks the excitement, the in your face moments, even crazy combos. As a pvp deck builder it’s a snooze.

Jonathan took the following photos. And there isn’t enough photos of me on here. Plus it’s criminal really not to share my ruggedly dwarvish looks with the world.

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